SWF To Video Scout converts flash animation movies to AVI video with sound

Screenshots (click to view):
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  • Additional frame-by-frame mode for highest quality conversion;
  • Converts SWF, FLV to PNG, PNG with Alpha, BMP images (frame-by-frame conversion);
  • Supports batch conversion of SWF and FLV to video;
  • Conversion can run in background mode;
  • Built-in flash movie viewer and extractor - including free Movies Extractor Scout;
  • Converts SWF flash animation movies to 32-bit RGBA AVI with transparency. Produced video can be imported into video editor application (e.g. Adobe Premiere).

    Source flash movie and output AVI with transparency screenshot. Click to enlarge

    check step-by-step tutorial


HOW TO IMPROVE VIDEO QUALITY: to compress video without a quality loss just install and use our Bytescout Lossless Video Codec for AVI video files. read more and download

Screenshot of AVI converted from SWF flash animation using SWF To Video Scout:

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