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 TOP-25 Gadgets as Gifts for Programmers in 2020
Software developers are sorcerers. Coding is an artistic and goal-oriented venture. Most importantly, there are some crucial problems that only software programmers can solve by using their skills and knowledge. Christmas is around the corner and purchasing gifts for developers can be a strenuous job because developers are recognized for their exceptional attention to detail as well as a perfect sense of everything. Their geeky quality makes it really browbeating to pick suitable gifts for [...]
TOP-15 Online Integrated Development Environments You Should Check in 2020
Everybody can figure out how to code. Truly, there are various online integrated development environments in which you can begin adapting immediately. There is a number of programming languages that need IDE to compile and run programs.  These days, there are numerous online IDE’s available for writing and executing your programs: What is IDE? Cloud9 Codeanywhere Codenvy Koding Orion CodeTasty SourceLair Coder Codesandbox ShiftEdit Gitpod Visual Studio Online Stackhive Browxy The biggest advantage of [...]
TOP-20 Best Backpacks for Programmers in 2020
Whether you are traveling anywhere in the world, looking for a new job, or starting your own venture, choosing the best quality backpacks is crucial. Not only should it be comfortable and look good, but it should be big enough to carry all your cool gadgets, laptops, a collection of thumb drives, and much more. A backpack provides more space for gadgets, laptops, and cables while balancing the weight between shoulders. Even when going away [...]
8 Application Development Trends for 2020
TABLE OF CONTENT The Rise of 5G The Rule of the Wearable Devices The Dominance of AI IOT in Action The Appearance of AR/VR The Popularity of Wallets Faster Surfing Experience Cloud-Based Services The application industry has played a major role in shaping the market. Irrespective of the domain, it is expected that your business would have an awesome application. Indeed, according to experts, the mobile app industry is one of the fastest-growing industries presently. [...]
Ultimate List of TOP-20 Laptops for Designers
As a graphics designer, you need a laptop that can handle all the resource-intensive tasks. It should support all commonly used apps and peripheral accessories, have a powerful processor that runs cool at all times, and a large display. Other important features include portability, a powerful graphics card, ample storage and memory, and great battery life. If you already checked ByteScout's list of TOP-30 Laptops for Programmers, learn about the best laptops for graphic designers [...]
TOP-30 Developer Jokes for a Great Day
Computer developer is one of the coolest jobs in this world. Developers get to work on various domains and software applications for countless clients which provide them lots of time to innovate, build, and develop. These days developers also never have a shortage of software projects due to smartphones and mobile apps. Some are developing new Android or iOS apps, while some are working to get rid of old features. Check this video list of [...]
Top-16 Movies about Programmers You Should Watch
We all love a good movie! With so many genres to choose from, there is a type of movie for each and every one of us. This particular list is compromised for developers who love modern technology and its possibilities. The list includes intriguing movies and a few classics that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the feature. If you frequently dwell in the programming world then you will definitely enjoy [...]
TOP-35 Programming Books in 2020
Successful programmers love reading different coding books. Reading is an essential part of the programmers’ life. Reading and practicing are two signs of an exceptional programmer. Great programming books include concepts and approaches, algorithms that have been performed in their authors' cognizances over and over, clarified and fixed before confined to paper. Here is the ultimate list of top 20 programming books that every programmer must-read in the year 2019. Here's the list of books [...]
Virtual Reality (VR) Revolution: 10 Things You Can Now Do in VR
What comes to your mind at the mention of virtual reality? Many people associate VR with video games. Although the technology has been used for playing video games, the VR revolution has made it possible to apply the technology in other areas. Virtual reality has been in the picture since the 1960s in the form of motion-tracking headsets, immersive stereoscopic videos, and experiences similar to Google’s interactive Street View. Over the years, advancement in VR [...]
Great List of Robotic Process Automation Use Cases in 2020
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Robotics process automation is driving the 4th industrial revolution. Together with artificial intelligence and machine learning, the technologies are creating opportunities for increasing scalability, reducing errors, improving compliance, and cost savings. The cloud can connect disconnected or discrete systems, virtualize resources, and crunch big data at fast speeds. The technologies free employees from repetitive tasks, empowering them to be more strategic and innovative in the workplace. Why Adopt Robotic Process Automation? [...]