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20+ Git Commands Extensive list
Git is an open-source distributed variant system tool created to manage various projects with agility and adaptability. It was designed by Linus Torvalds in the year 2005 to improve Linux Kernel. Git has the functionality, administration, defense, and docility that most people need. You may now use Git with services like GitHub and Gitlab for creating free Git-based repositories with your code inside and then tracking all the changes. The following is the list of important [...]
TOP-5 Google Docs Tricks for 2023
1. Clean up formatted text in Google Docs When you copy and paste the text into your documents it is often passed along with various formatting, font styles, etc. You may quickly clean it up using a hotkey. Select text snippet to clean up and remove formatting from Press CTRL + \ (on Windows) or  COMMAND + \ (on Mac OSX) to clean up all the formatting from the selection. 2. Quickly create a new document from Address [...]
Complete List of Regular Expressions Basics
In computing, we spend an enormous amount of time working with text. And for a reason: computers communicate a lot with other computers and needs also to interact with humans. And one of the first ways to communicate is via text. But you'll often need to check if what the user typed in your super form is appropriate. You will also want to extract data from text or even filter text to replace some things [...]
Learn TOP-25 Java Commands in 2023
Find the common java commands list along with some examples. Study a short description and use cases. Learn how to use the java command properly when programming. javac Javap rmic klist Jarsigner Policytool Keytool Jshell jdeprscan jpeds jmod Jlink jar appletviewer java Javadoc javah Jstatd jconsole schemagen Java min() Shuffle addAll Strictfp Timestamp 1. javac javac [ options ] [ sourcefiles ] This javac command example and its options read an assortment of Java class [...]
Ultimate Exploration of Deep Sql Queries and Examples
The power and functionality of SQL database programming are immense! But this can only be seen in the relational JOIN operations which connect a set of tables with a purpose. JOIN statements enable us to find conditional relationships within tables or datasets. We can then do calculations, sort, and even create new tables based on relationships established among key fields! Moreover, many tutorials simply illustrate the syntax of SQL statements without deeply exploring how they [...]
FFMPEG Command Lines To Convert Various Video Formats Between Each Other
Fast Forward MPEG (FFmpeg) is one of the most popular and best multimedia networks in the world. It offers plenty of tools for you to play the video, convert the formats, stream live broadcasts and even analyze the multimedia stream. These are the tools that actually make FFmpeg is a great framework to work with. They provide you with the best technical solutions, also offering a myriad of extremely useful yet free software to the [...]
13 Useful Shortcuts In Google Chrome And Other Browsers
Google Chrome offers some really great and useful shortcuts to its users. It is a fact that most of us remain online during and even after our working day. Therefore, it is imperative for us to take maximum advantage of Google Chrome shortcuts. It will not only help you to save precious time but also enhance your efficiency. Best Chrome Shortcuts to Use The following are the most useful Chrome keyboard shortcuts to learn. Bookmarking [...]