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Fastest Ways to Create Shortcuts in C# and VBNET
A shortcut or a “Shell Link” is basically a link to another file or object in your directory, which can also reference URLs (websites). This article will show you how to use C# and VBNET to create desktop as well as Internet shortcuts, to allow easier, faster access to resources, whatever your usage needs are. Shortcuts are a commonly-used tool, as they are used by installers to allow the user to easily install programs simply [...]
TOP-30 PostgreSQL Advanced Queries in 2020
When application data complexity demands object-oriented data we need PostgreSQL. The object-relational database is a natural fit for object-oriented coding. PostgreSQL advanced queries have many advantages, such as table inheritance and foreign keys. For example, we can use relationships among data to find records. You can even add custom functions with other languages like C and Java! In this PostgreSQL tutorial, we are going to illustrate the best of PostgreSQL advanced queries. This will serve as [...]
TOP-60 Most Important SQL Queries in 2020
SQL is incredibly powerful, and like every well-made development tool, it has a few commands which it’s vital for a good developer to know. Here is a list of SQL queries that are really important for coding & optimization. Each of the queries in our SQL tutorial is consequential to almost every system that interacts with an SQL database. 1. Retrieving Tables 31. Database Management 2. Selecting Columns from a Table 32. Adding Tables to [...]
Explore TOP-45 Visual Studio Hotkeys in 2020
The whole idea of taking advantage of these Visual Studio hotkeys is to increase productivity and save time. With these 20 Visual Studio keyboard shortcuts, developers have easy ways to get more done without lifting a finger off the keyboard. these hotkeys work for Visual Studio 2015 to the latest Visual studio 2019. 1. CTRL+Q for Quick Launch CTRL+Q opens the quick launch so you can search an indexed list of every feature available in [...]
Discover the List of 45 JavaScript Commands in 2020
As the most common programming language, it is imperative that programmers and developers understand JavaScript code and JS commands. Developers with mastery over JavaScript code are the most valuable to employers. If you are new to web development and programming language, you will want to familiarize yourself with the JavaScript commands list. In learning JavaScript, it is essential that you learn about the best JS commands because this will allow you to craft JavaScript code [...]
Ultimate list of TOP-30 Windows Command Prompt commands – 2020 Update
You can do almost anything via graphical user interfaces in Windows. However, if you are an advanced computer user you want to automate things by writing lists of commands to execute. For example, you can’t launch automatically a task that will shut down your computer. Also, there are many tasks that are repeatable and you can simply write the set of commands that will do the same thing, the same scenario but much faster and [...]
Learn TOP-40 Excel Advanced Features and Functions in 2020
Microsoft Office Excel is one of the most important tools to perform the calculation, analysis, and visualization of data and information. It helps people to organize and process data by the use of columns and rows with formulas and some cool features of MS Excel. In MS-Excel 2010, row numbers range from 1 to 1048576. There are a total of 1048576 rows, and columns range from A to XFD and there are a total of [...]
8 Javascript shortcuts you’re not using
Coding in JavaScript is the basis for all kinds of web and software development. Needless to say, it is an extensive process that needs to be carefully executed in order to produce the desired results. Now, thanks to some smartly designed shortcuts, the process of coding in JavaScript has become easier and swifter. And here are 4 amazing JavaScript shortcuts to help you out. JavaScript Shorthand Real-Time JavaScript Editing Declaring Multiple Variables Simultaneously Delaying JavaScript [...]
AI Functions Cheat Sheet for Developers
Cheatsheets are great. They provide tons of information without any fluff. So today we present you a small cheat sheet consisting of most of the important formulas and topics of AI and ML. Towards our first topic then. Table of content Activation functions Loss functions Regression Loss Function Classification Loss Function Statistical Learning Statistical Inference Regression Classification Feature Reduction Activation functions Activation functions are kind of like a digital switch that controls whether a specific [...]
TOP-15 UNIX commands for Every Developer
The current world is running on computers. Knowing simple Unix commands or basic Unix commands enables you to dive into the world of Unix or Linux system. It also allows confirming current system state and control files or directories. Here is the list of Unix command line basics for beginners. Once the Unix startup is concluded, it will display a login window for the user to insert a username and password. If the username and [...]