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EAN 13 Advantages and Limitations
EAN stands for European Article Number and is also known as the International Article Number. The most commonly used EAN standard outside the United States is the thirteen-digit EAN-13. It functions as a linear barcode type most commonly used typically in European countries. EAN barcodes are used widely throughout the globe for wholesale ordering, scanning at retail points of sale, accounting, and other uses. These are obvious benefits. However, to understand the advantages as well [...]
Aztec Barcode. History and Purpose
Aztec Barcode is a high density, high capacity barcode. It is a type of 2-D barcodes. Aztec code is able to encode ASCII as well as Extended ASCII characters. The Aztec barcode consists of black and white square modules like other 2-D barcodes. Aztec code can encode modules in the range from 15 x 15 to an upper limit of 151 to 151 modules. If Aztec code utilizes its maximum storage capacity of 151 x [...]
Data Matrix: History, Advantages, Limitations, Usage
Data Matrix is a type of 2-D barcode with very high data density and can encode a large amount of data. Data Matrix consists of a random sequence of black and white pairs. Data matrix code type can encode the text, as well as raw data. The range of the data encoded by the Data matrix usually lies between a few bytes up to 2 kilobytes. With this data storage space, approximately 2,335 alphanumeric characters [...]
PDF417: History, Advantages, Limitations, Usage
PDF417 is a 2-d barcode type with high density and data encoding capability. It can encode a large amount of data. “PDF” means Portable Data File, and “417” signifies the pattern in the code. This stacked linear barcode format has had numerous applications for identification cards and inventory management. This article explores more on PDF417 from its origins to its usage. History Structure Variations Purpose Advantages Limitations Usage History PDF 417 was developed in the [...]
Code 39 – History, Purpose, Advantages, Limitations and Usage
Code 39 Barcodes Code 39 barcode is one of the most widely and commonly used barcode types. It is a linear or 1d barcode that slices perpendicularly across the bars of the barcode and is also known as USS code 39, code 3 of 9, Alpha 39, USD-3, and Type 39. A 1D barcode means that they create it with single lines without any intersection. Code 39 is capable of encoding all the alphanumeric characters [...]
ByteScout Socks Reader Beta – Technology Preview
With years of image analysis expertise with our BarCode Reader SDK (the library for Windows software developers to find and read barcodes from images and PDF documents), we decided to concentrate our efforts help to avoid the headache almost every man on Earth faces: finding a matching pair of socks And today I'm very proud to show you our new project (still in beta): ByteScout Socks Reader Beta Technology Preview for Apple iPhone! Before the [...]