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Data Matrix

Data Matrix

Data Matrix is a type of 2-D barcode with very high data density and can encode large amount of data. Data Matrix consists of random sequence of black and white pairs. Data matrix code type can encode text, as well as raw data. The range of the data encoded by Data matrix usually lies between few bytes up to 2 kilobytes. With this data storage space, approximately 2,335 alphanumeric characters can be encoded by a data matrix symbol. Data Matrix coding standard is widely used in Europe and United states for information encoding.


ID Matrix is credited as being the inventor of Data Matrix barcode around 2005. ID Matrix later on merged into RVSI Acuity ciMatrix, Siemens Energy and automation acquired RVSI Acuity ciMatrix in October 2005.


Like other 2-D barcodes, basic purpose of developing Data Matrix code type was to design a barcode which is denser and can accommodate large amount of data, is extremely secure with built in error correction and higher fault tolerance mechanism. All of these objectives have been met by Data Matrix bar code.


Similar to contemporary 2-D codes, Data Matrix can store large amount of data with minimum space utilization,
It has built-in error correction mechanism. It uses ECC200 error correction code for error correction purposes.
Extremely high fault tolerance and can be decoded even if substantial amount of code is damaged.


There is only one major limitation of Data Matrix barcodes. Users have to have laser scanner or CCD cameras in order to correctly scan and encode information stored in these barcodes, it cannot be scanned by a simple scanner.


Data matrix code is widely used in automotive part making industry as well as for laser marketing.
In aerospace equipment manufacturing industry, data matrix code is widely used on airplane parts. Air Transport Association (ATA) recommends the use of Data Matrix barcode to its members.
Data Matrix is used on digital postage stamps recognized by Deutsche Postal Service.
Mobile marketing has also adopted Data Matrix code and it is known as SemaCode in mobile applications.
EIA (Electronics Institute of America), highly recommends the use of Data Matrix code in order to label small to medium sized electronics equipment.
Data Matrix code are inscribed on medical and surgical equipment’s.


Data Matrix codes are considered smallest and most compact of all the bar code types. If you want to store a large amount of data in a barcode, Data Matrix is the most recommended barcode type. It can be easily generated with Bytescout BarCode SDK and read with BarCode Reader SDK.