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How to Use Machine Learning for Anomaly Detection and Condition Monitoring
When analyzing real-world data sets, a common desire to determine the data points that stand out from the rest arises. These data points that stand out are known as anomalies. The process in which these outstanding data points are determined is called anomaly detection. These anomalies are ordinarily brought about by errors in data. In some cases, the anomalies are brought about by underlying processes that are previously not known. Detecting outliers correctly is an [...]
Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning ?
  Well, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are hot topics these days. But how do we know which term is more proper for use? Let's have a quick cheat sheet: Machine Learning is... It is known and actually used for years by programmers. One day programmers thought: oh, maybe there is a way to allow the program to learn from a set of values instead of hard coding all the rules in the code (if value [...]
Predictive Analytics with Machine Learning for Real-Time Streaming Data
Predictive analytics continually expands on new frontiers with machine learning methods. Forecasting on real-time data sets and monitoring streaming data from IoT devices are among the most exciting applications today. ML algorithms process real-time data streams from devices and apps. And this animates apps with a “live” interactive and intelligent feel. A great variety of analytics platforms now offers every imaginable feature for developers. And We will explore the best of them in depth in [...]
SQL Server Machine Learning Ultimate Tutorial
Continuing our exciting journey through today’s cutting-edge machine learning techniques and SQL methods, we naturally want to develop a practical working knowledge of how to bring all the best predictive technology together in this tutorial on SQL Server Machine Learning Services. Most importantly, we want to build real-world applications. Now it’s more realistic than ever to deploy SQL/Python apps. With this awesome platform we can run Python and R code from T-SQL, and as you [...]
Best Machine Learning, Artifical Intelligence and Deep Learning Frameworks in 2023
Distinguishing Between AI and Machine Learning Clarifying the difference between machine learning and artificial intelligence reveals important distinctions regarding many of the popular buzzwords in the field today. Let’s eliminate the confusion by establishing a simple hierarchy of terms. We can say that AI is the parent field of machine learning: Artificial Intelligence Machine learning Deep Learning Neural Network Artificial intelligence is a vast field of theories and methods, and to be perfectly clear: despite [...]
TOP-50 Big Data Providers & Datasets in Machine Learning
Big dataset providers are now fantastically popular and growing exponentially every day. We’re going to evaluate a variety of datasets and Big Data providers ideal for machine learning and data mining research projects in order to illustrate the astonishing diversity of data freely available online today. We will also demonstrate a technique of machine learning with a code sample in Python which shows how to use one of the most popular Big Data hosts. Amazon [...]
Machine Learning Demystified – Myths and Reality
Popular technology writers inaccurately conflate machine learning and artificial intelligence. Machine learning code is certainly a crucial subset of artificial intelligence code but we cannot count machine learning alone as artificial intelligence. AI is a much broader field that involves expression beyond simply recognizing and mimicking human speech and identifying a person in a photo which really is the current state of ML. Deep learning projects are increasingly specialized techniques of ML which often combine [...]
The Most Powerful Machine Learning Techniques in Data Mining
Advanced machine learning techniques are at the nexus of informatics in every industry and field of inquiry, and data mining is among the most intensive areas of focus in the broad field of machine learning today. Data mining techniques include algorithms such as classification, decision tree, neural networks, and regression to name a few. In this ByteScout article, we will explore data mining techniques in-depth, and cover the most important methods now at the core [...]
Most Influential Pre-Trained Machine Learning Models
Did you know that new drugs are now designed by machine learning models? ML is pervasive in every industry because leading companies can no longer compete without mining and exploiting these rich and expansive new benefits. ML algorithms can recognize patterns in data that people cannot see, and often cannot even understand. Paypal uses ML to identify potential fraud and estimate risk in customer behavior. Uber uses ML to estimate arrival times based on myriad [...]