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Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning ?


Well, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are hot topics these days. But how do we know which term is more proper for use? Let’s have a quick cheat sheet:

Machine Learning is…

    • It is known and actually used for years by programmers. One day programmers thought: oh, maybe there is a way to allow the program to learn from a set of values instead of hard coding all the rules in the code (if value == 1 then else if value == 2 then .. – repeating these lines thousand times is a dumb work);
    • Actually can be as simple as predicting one value-based another value because the program was trained on thousands of historical value pairs;
    • Most of the times the machine learning code assumes that almost all users are following the same pattern;
    • You need to have a dataset with hundreds of thousands of samples to train your algorithm. The more the better;
    • It is not as hard to program as one may think.

Artificial Intelligence is…

  • Most of the time it sounds like whoaaaa, our future is here!
  • But it is not that intelligent when you actually using it;
  • In reality, works more like the old good machine learning that can predict a number but needs a human to review its results;
  • Actually is a set of machine learning algorithms + NLP (Natural Language Processing) + lot and lot of data.

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