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Deloitte Tech Trends in 2021
Deloitte is one of the biggest accounting firms and professional services network. It provides audit, tax, consulting, enterprise risk, and financial advisory services. Under the Deloitte brand, tens of thousands of professionals in independent firms collaborate worldwide. Deloitte publishes an annual technology trends report identifying key trends that have the most potential to impact businesses. For the year 2021, Deloitte has recognized nine trends that are likely to influence businesses in the upcoming months. The [...]
Digital Transformation Expert Predicts 2025 Innovations
Experts agree that the future will be based on humanity. It’s about leveraging technology to change our work, lifestyles, perceptions, and surroundings. The future will be profoundly digital but will still be inherently human. The common link in all these patterns is the human aspect. Digital transformation has previously centered on the promise of technology that drives efficiency and productivity over the last ten years. Many companies will recognize the value of human-centered architecture. In [...]
How Digital Technologies Affect our Health?
Digital devices dramatically influence the modern human lifestyle. We spend a large amount of time online, and handheld devices have become an integral part of human nature. We look at digital screens when we are working. We look at them when we are at home. We communicate with cellphones, track health with electronic fitness trackers, and so on.  We depend on technology without mindful of its effects on our mental and physical health. We need [...]
Digitization in Agriculture in India
Although quite a lot is planted every day around the world, a significant amount of food is lost within farms. This loss is a result of several factors that directly affect all aspects of agriculture, particularly within India. The waste of food is problematic and potentially catastrophic. Additionally, the waste of food has the potential of completely destabilizing the food supply chain, thereby leading to a regional or global crisis. This problem can further be [...]
How Converting HTML to PDF Streamlines Digital Transformation
Digital transformation is the need of the hour and an essential undertaking. In this age of information technology and rapid information flow, businesses must undergo digital transformation to stay relevant. Digital transformation starts by publishing your business' information on a website, allowing customers to view your products. It goes on to digitize all aspects of a business to solve operational problems. It makes businesses aware of the needs and expectations of their customers. Role of [...]
Predictive Analytics A-Z Tutorial
The field of Predictive Analytics is everywhere these days. We can hear about it in several and different areas like medicine, businesses, industries, and so on. But what exactly Predictive Analytics is? How can some algorithms predict the future, and what is the process to effectively apply Predictive Analytics? This article has the answers to these questions and other insights about this topic. In the next section, we'll be talking about what Predictive Analytics is [...]
Detecting Fake Currency Notes Via Machine Learning
This article explains how to detect fake currency notes via machine learning using the Python Scikit-learn library. Depending upon different features of a currency note, the machine learning model developed in this article is able to predict whether or not a currency note is fake. Summary Downloading the Required Libraries Importing the Required Libraries Importing the Dataset Divide Data into Features and Labels Divide Data into Training and Test Sets Feature Scaling Training Machine Learning [...]
How RPA is Transforming Education Institutions
Automation is now the buzzword in virtually every sector - legal industry, healthcare, finance, and others. While some sectors are experiencing significant growth and improvement in their bottom line as a result of automation, the education sector seems to be lagging in getting on this fantastic and incredible technological trend. You will still find some educators following the old way of doing things which requires a pen and paper to manage attendance, grade students, or [...]
TOP-15 Artificial Intelligence Books for Beginners
In 1956, computer scientist John McCarthy coined the term Artificial Intelligence (AI). Decades later, research, funding, and massive technological advancement have brought the reality of its potential to virtually every sphere of society. But as an area of computer science, AI isn't particularly an easy field for non-technical beginners. What with demands like having a grasp on maths, logic as well as a basic understanding of human intelligence? For those starting, it becomes a tricky [...]
How to Print the Human Body
Surgeons perform billions of operations all over the world yearly. Many of them are quite trivial and cosmetic, while some of them involve transplantation. According to a survey, more than 100 thousand transplantations took place alone in the US in 2015. Many times the donors voluntarily donate non-essential body parts to a victim. But due to an overall lack of donors, the supply of such organs might become scarce and irregular. This has led the [...]