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What’s your backup method?

I’ve only been using a terabyte external hard drive for backing up my laptop, and was wondering if any of you guys had more secure ways to save your stuff in case of failure. 

Yes, the guys have answers:

  1. Mine is pretty simplistic. Google Drive has my important docs because gmail is my main email, icloud has my photos and music. 
  2. External is always good because one thing goes wrong with digital and “poof”, everythings gone. 
  3. I would however suggest that you downgrade from a terabyte and switch to two 500gb hard drives. That way if one fails you don’t lose everything. 
  4. I use those, and back up weekly to Gdrive and Dropbox
  5. I’ve got my photos on Flickr because my photographs are large files and Flickr is the only site I know that doesn’t compress photos when uploading, plus they’re easily displayed. 
  6. My docs are saved on a 16 gb flash drive I carry around with me, and my computer is backed up on a monthly basis since I don’t keep much on it to being with. 
  7. I agree that you should have a backup on an external hard drive, but fail safes usually exist when uploading to clouds and such.

photo credit: FireWire and USB Powered 3.5 in Hard Drive via photopin (license)