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Programming Learning: In person offline programming courses!

Some of these courses are so alluring it almost wants you to take a knowledge road trip. Also, if you’re enrolled in college and talk to the office about creating a club, you can probably host your own coding club with other students.
It’s way more fun to learn with friends that’s for sure:

  1. Starter League
    A nine-month program where students will learn programming. Based in Chicago.
  2. Galvanize it
    A programming school available in Denver, Co, San Francisco, CA, and Boulder, CO.
  3. Girls Who Code
    Clubs based around the US geared toward teaching girls programming.
  4. Coder Dojo
    A website which supplies prospective students with a directory of in person classes around the US.
  5. Girl Develop It
    Another group geared towards females, this website lists in person programming seminars in cities around the US.
  6. Code Chicago series of hands-on 10-12 Android, iOS, and web programming courses based in Chicago, IL.
  7. Dev Boot Camp
    Another boot camp type, this 19 week course teaches the basics of programming and it’s languages. Based in New York, Chicago, and SF.
  8. App Academy in SF and New York, this 12 week program teaches programming.
  9. Maker Square
    An 11 week course based in both San Francisco and Austin that teaches JavaScript and Ruby.
  10. Nashville Software School
    A 3 month Programming “Boot Camp” based in Nashville, TN.
  11. Epicodus
    A four month in preson class on programming in Portland, OR.
  12. Hacker Coding Academy
    San Francisco based 11-12 week course on Javascript.

photo credit: DSCN5355 via photopin (license)