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QR Codes Comeback?

“I know they aren’t technically gadgets, but I felt this was the most relevant place. Anyway, QR codes in my opinion are pretty fantastic, but general opinion is negative and caused the whole thing to flop”. 

Some opinions:

  1. I’d love to use QR codes in marketing campaigns and was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to what would make them better or if they ever have a chance of gaining popularity again. The reason they’re so bad is because they weren’t even completed when they were put out for users. You have to download an app to even use the horrible things, and after struggling to get it to scan for 5 minutes, it most likely goes to a site that isn’t even valid anymore.
  2. I remember scanning a qr code at Dunkin Donuts once. Worst. Decision. Ever. I started getting countless ads via text and email to my phone and swore off QR codes. Because businesses used them for this sort of marketing it caused the mass opinion about them on a whole to be negative. Maybe if they completely redesigned the idea, and made it so the user could just view a photo.
  3. We have the capability of creating code that reads links inside images, which really makes QR codes useless. Right now they’re confusing to people because they don’t understand them.
  4. I think they’re useful in some aspects but not others. People keep trying to use them as a universal tool when in reality they can’t handle everything. I used to play Animal Crossing and I remember the QR codes in there were used to share clothing designs online. It was fun and interactive, but it probably would have been easier if the developers had just made a specific connection for it via Wifi. Dude, no. 
  5. Sure it was “edgy” and considered “guerilla” marketing when it first came out, but QR codes are so done to death that if they were to improve they’d need a whole image lift.