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TOP-12 Top Free Online Courses for Programming Basics

Some time ago we published 7 Best Sources to Learn Programming Online. Is it time to learn more about coding learning?

Here are 12 online courses on programming that are absolutely free. Check them out and share your experiences and expertise.

1. Codecademy – Interactive

Codecademy makes learning programming basics fun with its interactive interface and responsive feedback. Codecademy features free courses, each taking 11 hours or less. There are a structured curriculum and 85 coding quizzes to help learners track progress.

Learn Web Development and master programming languages such as HTML, CSS, Python, and JavaScript. Get to build websites and web apps.

The course is ideal for anyone who wants to learn programming and coding in an easy-to-master way.

2. KhanAcademy – A Non-profit knowledge website

KhanAcademy helps those interested in programming learn the needed fundamentals of JavaScript, a basic computer language. If you want to learn programming via animations and games, this is the course for you.

The online classes will introduce you to JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and SQL. Create web pages and make them interactive. Also, get to learn querying and data analytics. In Advanced JS, learn about Natural Simulations, with all courses offered by computer science and IT professionals.

3. Coursera brings school structure home

After creating a free account the user can participate in courses that simulate an online classroom structure. Courses feature an introduction to programming from many top universities in the world as well as from leading individuals in the industry.

In ‘Code Yourself!’ learn basic coding and advance to top specializations like Python, Deep Learning Data Engineering, and Applied Data Science. There’s no shortage of courses and better, you can arm yourself with a certificate or go on to enroll for a degree course.

4. Learn about user experience and why it’s important

In this self-paced course, the student will learn how people connect with technology and teach the basics of creating user-friendly experiences. This course allows you to get creative, develop software programs for IT issues.

Learn how to code or program, and go deeper with 3D animations and be able to create user-centric webpages and apps. More is available in software engineering, social media, and game development.

5. Who doesn’t want to make their own game?

This website teaches users how to create their own simple game with Python, a basic programming language, by providing videos, quizzes, examples, and worksheets.

Make your passion for developing games your job and get paid for it. Learn the basics of how to program games and explore some computer science concepts. The course has enough to help anyone study for an online degree in coding and software engineering

6. Teach yourself Java 2 in 24 hours

With each hour broken down into sections, Sam will show you how to learn to program with Java 2 in one day!

One doesn’t need to have previous coding or programming experience to handle this course. Learn about the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), Java class libraries, and know-how to develop apps for any computer. The tutorial uses a simplified approach that makes advanced concepts appear so basic.

7. The Land of Code

The website will start the user off with an introduction to computer programming quiz, point them in the direction they need to go to start learning.

Learn how to create graphical programs, and master software development. The Java tutorials will point you in the direction of web development with added materials and tutorials for HTML, CSS, VBScript, and PHP.

8. Harvard College’s free introduction to Computer Science

This course involves topics such as thinking algorithmically and web development. The student will learn the fundamentals of multiple languages.

The online courses offer students a platform to immerse themselves in computer science and programming. Get to learn concepts such as web development, software engineering all the while navigating languages like JavaScript, C, Python, and SQL.

9. Python taught by Dr.Chuck

Once the user has joined the class, they will learn how to understand, read, parse, and manipulate data using Python. “Dr. Chuck” offers several online courses that are free. Some are available via Coursera- like Python for Everybody.

Web Applications covers major programming languages, including PHP, SQL, and JavaScript. Learn how to build databases and interactive websites online. Get these and many other courses in a fun and user-friendly environment.

10. Making sense of Data

Google will teach the user how to structure data and manipulate information. For this beginner-level course, Google will introduce you to data analysis and offer a final project through which you demonstrate your skills. Test yourself at analytics using data at your disposal.

Are you without any experience? No need to worry as this is a self-paced course that anyone can handle as they learn concepts like data structuring, and visualization. Making Sense of Data is a great online course for those running surveys or interested in compiling data.

11. iOS programming course

In this open course, the user will learn how to make their very own iOs application. Joining AppCoda means one is joining one of the top online communities for iOS programming. It offers great tutorials on how to build apps.

With experts available for help, learn about app-building, and become a developer- creating iOS apps is never this fun. Benefit from additional free tutorials, including access to eBooks and app templates.

12. Android programming basics

A playlist of comprehensive videos on YouTube geared toward teaching beginners how to understand android platform development.

Gorge on the videos and learn how the Android build system works. Master app development, kernels, and Android libraries, and file systems. The course will teach you basic android porting and expose you to programming languages like C/C++. If you want to learn how to customize user interfaces for Android, this is the course.

Do you know any other great online programming basics course? Please share!



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