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Programming Learning: 12 top free online courses for programming basics

Some time ago we published 7 Best Sources to Learn Programming Online. Is it time to learn more about coding learning?

  1. Codecademy – Interactive
    Codecademy makes learning programming basics fun with its interactive interface and responsive feedback.
  2. KhanAcademy – A Non-profit knowledge website
    KhanAcademy helps those interested in programming learn the needed fundamentals of JavaScript, a basic computer language.
  3. Coursera brings school structure home
    After creating a free account the user has the ability to participate in courses that simulate an online class room structure.
  4. Learn about user experience and why it’s important
    In this self-paced course the student will learn how people connect with technology, and teach the basics of creating user friendly experiences.
  5. Who doesn’t want to make their own game?
    This website teaches users how to create their own simple game with Python, a basic programming language, by providing videos, quizzes, examples, and worksheets.
  6. Teach yourself Java 2 in 24 hours
    With each hour broken down into sections, Sam will show you how to learn to program with Java 2 in one day!
  7. The Land of Code
    The website will start off the user with an Introduction to computer programming quiz, point them in the direction they need to go to start learning.
  8. Harvard College’s free introduction to Computer Science
    This course involves topics such as thinking algorithmically and web development. The student will learn the fundamentals of multiple languages.
  9. Python taught by Dr.Chuck
    Once the user has joined the class, they will learn how to understand, read, parse, and manipulate data using Python.
  10. Making sense of Data
    Google will teach the user how to structure data and manipulate information. Great for those running surveys or interested in compiling data.
  11. iOS programming course
    In this open course, the user will learn how to make their very own iOs application.
  12. Android programming basics
    A playlist of comprehensive videos on YouTube geared toward teaching beginners how to understand android platform development.
Do you know any other great online programming basics course? Please share!
The list was found on lifehacker  which does a pretty good job comparing them.

photo credit: How would you like to work in this office? via photopin (license)