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Learn Programming: Opinions wanted: Java or C#?

Do you need some comments on this question? Here is a short discussion topic, probably, it can be helpful before starting programming.

– Would C# benefit someone more instead of JAVA if they already had an understanding of network technology like Microsoft? Which would you recommend in terms of job fulfillment? There have been comments that Java is smoother than C# in regard to career choice.
– Do you think it’s still useful to spend time learning Java? Even with all the syntax in C#?
– It is definitely still beneficial to learn Java. C# will give you plenty of neat tools to develop desktop applications. C# also has a fair amount for server-side solutions as well.
Java‘s like the opposite of C#. While Java only has a satisfactory amount of tools for desktop application development, Java gives you radical amounts of solutions for server-side solutions on a large scale.
– I recommend you learn both to some level greater than basic. You will start to notice many similarities at some point which will help you make a better decision about which to choose.
– Remember that while you are working in an environment prime for C#, Java has the ability to run anywhere C# can.
– I think it’s important for a developer to understand and use both Java and C#.


photo credit: Top Programming Languages via photopin (license)


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