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Steps to start as a Freelancer (PART 2)

Bid only on the project of your Expertise

DO NOT bid on each and every project. Bid only on projects which you really think you will be able to complete. You have got limited number of bids so use them sensibly and don’t waste them on projects that are too big or you think you will not be able to handle.

Demonstrate your knowledge to the client in bid

The quality of your bid is very important and plays an effective role in landing you a job. Don’t bid randomly, bid according to the requirements of the project and try to answer each and every question asked by the client in the job proposal. Show in your bid that why the client should select you among all the freelancers who applied for the job. Demonstrate your knowledge about the domain of the project.

Ask for feedback

As a new freelancer, you don’t have any feedback therefore after completing the first job asks your client to leave feedback for you. Even if you have one good feedback, it will become a lot easier for you to land future jobs because that way you will have at least something to show to your future clients. Therefore you must ask for positive feedback and rating.

These are some of the steps which are required to start as a freelancer.

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