7 Best Android Apps for developers

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Following are some of the best android apps which any software developer can use and take advantage of. A Google Play link has been given for each app, where you can find more detail about the app.
  1. AndFTP

AndFTP is a cool FTP client application for android which can be used to transfer files from webserver. Using this application you can set up FTP server and then can you can see your file on your device and on remote server as well. It not only supports FTP protocol but it also supports SCP, SFTP, FTPS protocol for file transferring. It has a free version as well as paid with added features. The application can be accessed at following link.

  1. AIDE

AIDE is one of the most amazing apps for android developers, this application allows you code and compile your android application at your android devices. You no longer need a computer to program your android application. A cool feature of this application is that it is totally compatible with eclipse, and the project completed in eclipse can be run and updated using this application. Another stunning feature of this application is that instead of using your phone storage, you can save your files to drop box and last but not the least, this application is totally free. This app can be accessed and downloaded from the following link.

  1. Java Code Viewer

Java Code Viewer is an exciting android app for developer. You can view Java code with syntax highlighting with this app. But wait, this app is not only for java as the name suggest, you can view code for various languages using this app particularly C#, ASP, CSS, JavaScript and PHP along with C and C++. This app is for android version 2.1 and above and is absolutely free. You can find more details about this app here.
  1. Code Peeker

Code Peeker is another excellent android application for programmer. This application is used to view code of myriad of languages on you android device. This application is also free and available on google at the following link.