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Convert PowerPoint (PPT) to WMV or AVI video with all animations, video and sounds preserved

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Key Benefits:

More benefits:

  • Supported video formats: WMV, AVI, lossless AVI and other external codecs (DivX and other);
  • Supported conversion modes: Normal (as viewed by F5 in PowerPoint), Automatic Slide Show, Manual mode;
  • NTSC, PAL and custom resolutions and frame rates are supported;
  • Supports All Effects, Animations, Sounds and Embedded Video in presentations;
  • Audio conversion and recording support;
  • NEW! You can Record Video With Yourself Narrating Presentation

How to Get PPT to Video Scout?

You can GET THE APP from our main freeware page (where you will find dozens of other cool tools) or use the Direct Download.


Technical requirements

PowerPoint 2000 or higher installed

For Experienced Users: you can automate PPT to WMV, AVI conversion via command line, and re-distribute the converter royalty-free!

HOW TO IMPROVE VIDEO QUALITY: to compress video without a quality loss just install and use our Bytescout Lossless Video Codec for AVI video files. read more and download


Convert your PPT to Video online with ByteScout PPT To Video Scout. Your Videos are among the best ways to promote your products, services, or yourself.

All you need to add is your audio, which can be a voice-over, or with a clip of your presentation. Moreover, with captions, you can expand your audience to include a multinational audience. In this guide, you will learn how to convert PPT to video online.

Use PPT to Video Scout to Create PPT Videos with Sound

You may use the online PPT to video converter with sound, to create your videos, without the need to include your own presentation. All you need to do when you convert PPT to video with sound is to have the audio file.

Add Sound or Audio to PPT Video

You can then play it in the background during the conversion process. The PPT to Video tool is able to record any sounds playing in your machine, and add them to the video. That makes it easy to convert PPT to video with sound, easy, and fast.

When using the video converter, you may manually add slides, or automate the process, which is one of the advantages of using PPT to video converter with sound. That allows you to fit more slides within a short clip, or fewer slides when you have a long audio clip.

PPT to animated video Using PPT to video converter

Normal slides used to be a great way to make your presentation lively, and engaging. However, animating them into videos with audio is a better way to share them on video platforms.

That is what our PPT to video converter online with animation and sound does for you. It allows you to convert PPT slides to vides, which you can then post online to get views, traffic, and engage your customer on Video platforms.

Convert PPT to MP4 Online

You can convert PPT to video with sound and animations online, if you do not want to install the software in your Computing devices, for a few days of use. Our service allows you to pay for what you use only, which is a plus if you are on a budget.

Secure PPT to Video Conversion

When you convert PPT to video online with animation using our online tool, your files remain your own. Unlike most free PPT conversion services, we do not store your files or present them to other users as part of our samples.

We hope that you found this guide on PPT Video to be informative, and you will take full advantage of it. Use it to get a strong video presence online, using new or existing PPT slides.