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Adding Watermark Protection to Digital Images Has Never Been Easier

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December 2, 2008

Company: Bytescout Software
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Adding Watermark Protection to Digital Images Has Never Been Easier

Bytescout Software has released Watermarking PRO, an easy-to-use Windows application that lets you protect your photos and images by watermarking them with custom text and images. Unlike complex photo manipulation software that has a steep learning curve, Watermarking PRO makes it simple to add copyright notices, captions, logos, or EXIF information to images. The program offers a variety of options that let you determine the exact text and image that you want to add to each image. Watermarking Pro supports black and white TIFF files of scanned images. The software even lets you add elegant watermarks to animated GIF files and to multipage TIFFs.

Watermarking PRO’s Wizard lets you become productive immediately. Simply select the images that you wish to watermark, choose vertical or horizontal text, and choose a simple text format, or create an annotation box with rounded corners for your watermark text. With each choice, you can look at a thumbnail image, and see how your watermarked image is progressing. In addition, there is a Preview button in every settings dialog. It allows you to view a full-screen image with the selected watermark and current settings. When working with multiple photos, simply scroll the mouse wheel to preview each image.

The program lets you select any font on your system, and determine the color, style, and degree of transparency of the text. Watermarking PRO will even automatically size the text to fit the entire width of the image. In a minute or two, you can add a copyright notice or logo to a set of images.

With a single click, the program previews each image. You can keep the original format of the image, or convert it to JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, or GIF. It’s simple to fine-tune every aspect of the process. Watermarking PRO can adjust margins, change the watermark location, turn anti-aliasing on and off, and choose the color and style of your font. Special characters for copyright, trademark, and registered trademark are a click away, so there is no need to use a separate character-map program to find these important symbols.

Watermarking PRO is fully integrated with Microsoft Explorer. Simply right-click an image, and one additional click starts the process. All of the program’s features are available in seconds. There’s no need to use complex third-party photo manipulation software to add text or images to your digital photos or drawings.

Whether you’re an eBay dealer who wants to watermark your scanned images so your competitors can’t copy your pictures, a photographer who needs to create images with the digital camera’s built-in date/time, exposure, ISO speed, and flash information showing, a home user who wants to add captions directly to family pictures so you won’t have to wrestle with HTML captions on your family web site, or a business person who wants to add a logo and company name to your web site images, Watermarking PRO has the tools that you need.

Watermarking PRO runs under Windows and requires the .NET Framework v2 or newer. Watermarking PRO costs $39.95(US) for a single-user personal license, or $48.95(US) for a single-user business license. Users who do not need the ability to support fax and 1-bit black-and-white TIFF images, change the output image format, support multipage TIFF and animated GIF images, set custom watermark margins, resize and change images’ DPI during batch processing, or use EXIF macros to add digital camera information to their images can purchase the standard version of Watermarking. A trial version is available on

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About Bytescout Software Development:

Since 2003, Bytescout Software Development has been developing and marketing Windows software solutions for home and business users. The company also offers custom software, as well as a library of ActiveX and .NET components for software developers. In addition to Watermarking and Watermarking PRO, the company markets Graph Digitizer Scout, an application that converts hard copy plots and charts into digitized x/y data; PPT To Video Scout and PPT To SWF Scout, a pair of utilities that convert PowerPoint presentations to movie and Flash format; Form Filler, an application that lets you scan paper forms, add images, and export them as PDF files or forms; Movies Extractor Scout, a program that lets you grab and save Flash movies from the Internet; and a family of utilities that convert Flash files to popular movie and screensaver formats.

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