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PHP 7.2 New Functions, Features, and Updates
PHP, hypertext preprocessor is one of the most powerful server-side scripting languages created for web development. 7.2 is the PHP latest version and it has now delivered formally with new characteristics, functions and various petite essence changes. PHP 7.2 now has new type hinting, type widening, and various other updates. Here are the new features provided in PHP new version 7.2. Object return type declarations This is the new PHP feature introduced in the 7.2 [...]
ByteScout November Update: Check New Features and Tools
The ByteScout team has recently released a bunch of new versions for our most competitive SDKs and free tools! Free Online Apps Update We implemented new tools for helping developers to learn SQL. Among them you can already test: SQL trainer is an effective method to increase your SQL knowledge by using live data exercises for popular SQL queries.   Question to SQL is another great tool that generates SQL queries from the questions you put [...]
Hurry Up to Check the Updated Products by BYTESCOUT!
Recently, ByteScout has updated all its major products to the new, fast and highly performant versions. You can now use the better products to facilitate your developer routine tasks. So, what has been done so far? We've released three new awesome products indispensable for the work with documents! Document Parser SDK, version Document Parser SDK is the universal solution that you may quickly adjust for your needs. You can easily create templates using built-in templated [...]
ByteScout PDF Tools for Zapier are now available!
ByteScout PDF Tools are now connected to Zapier! The functions available in our tools can be automated with other services on Zapier platform. You are not required to be a professional or any developer in order to operate with ByteScout tools inside Zapier. All ByteScout Tools are now available via Web API (former ByteScout Cloud API). Install for Zapier. Zapier is a perfect constructor that brings together widely used applications and make them [...]
ByteScout Released Free Online Apps for Everyone
On April 24th, ByteScout Team released 9 web apps for developers and end-users that will help you solve daily tasks and speed up the working process. Each tool is designed to complete one simple task in few clicks. Online applications have an easy-to-use and friendly interface and operate quickly giving you the best result. Here's the list: Synonym Finder Suggests synonyms for any word or expression. It can be used to enrich a text or to [...]
Global Update on ByteScout Product Versions
On April 9th and 11th, 2018, ByteScout introduced fresh updates on most SDKs. Check the data below to find out about our products and what new highlights you can utilize. Text Recognition SDK In this version,  the Deskew algorithm for rotated scans was greatly improved. You will also find other minor improvements and bug fixes. ByteScout PDF SDK PDF SDK assists in generating, converting and enriching PDF files. In this new version, you [...]
Check New Versions of ByteScout Products
Bytescout PDF Extractor SDK This new version appeared on January 22, 2018. Here are major performance improvements: The following was fixed: OCR preprocessing filters were not applied if input document is an image; PDF Multitool: image preprocessing filters were fixed in "Find Text" dialog; TableDetector now provides detected cells information for ColumnDetectionMode.BorderedTables (see FoundTableCells property); XMLExtractor: Added annotations extraction; XMLExtractor: Object coordinates in XML are fractional now for better precision (were integer); Improved support for encrypted [...]
Be the First to Learn about our Updates
On November 8, 2017, ByteScout released a bunch of updates on all major products. Check the information below to know more about our tools and what new features you can use. ByteScout PDF SDK PDF SDK helps to create, convert and enrich PDF documents. In this new version, a new image parameter has been added. It allows selecting the image compression type. Moreover, users can have an extended support for encrypted documents. ByteScout Spreadsheet SDK [...]
What’s New at ByteScout – See Our Program Updates
ByteScout is constantly working on new improvements and bug fixes. We love developers and would like to let them have the best experience when using our tools. Take a look at the recent update at ByteScout: Barcode Reader SDK Here's the version dated by August 1, 2017 of Barcode Reader SDK. This tool is a perfect solution if you need to read 1D and 2D barcodes. Here's what was added/improved in this version: New [...]
Zapier Bytescout API Integration: Convert PDF to CSV – Use Case
Converting a PDF to CSV ByteScout Tools Zapier integration is now available! Learn more about Cloud API for Zapier. This can be kicked off by any number of file-oriented triggers. One way to approach is to create a Zap that is triggered using Email by Zapier. When a new email is received, Zapier can create the file inside of a specified Dropbox folder. This workflow will already add value to accounts receivable team by ensuring [...]