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Meet Autumn Vibes with ByteScout Program Update
As usual, we start a new month with a brief update of our major products. We try to deliver the best quality and to improve our tools regularly. Highlights Learn online Check our new products Highlights: PDF Multitool (as well as PDF Renderer SDK and PDF Viewer SDK) finally got the "dark mode" for PDF reading. In this mode, the background is black, the text is gray so we can enjoy reading PDF documents in [...]
Get our Last Summer Update for SDK and RPA tools
As always, we're happy to announce a new SUMMER UPDATE from ByteScout. This time, we launch several new tools that can be useful for beginners and advanced developers as well as managers. Sensitive Data Suite (July 25, 2019) This is a new bundle of products to help with sensitive data analysis, redaction (auto and manual modes) for electronic documents, scanned, and PDF documents. See details at RPA Tools (August 5, 2019) This is a [...]
ByteScout Updates for Every Developer in July!
As always ByteScout is sharing the freshest updates with its users. We love developers. Our goal is to improve and optimize our main tools monthly to facilitate your daily work routine. ByteScout team released Cloud API server! It is based on Web API. It helps you simply integrate any functions to your web applications or existing servers. Cloud API server includes multiple PDF and barcode functionalities (generating, converting, reading, etc). Currently, we're working on [...]
ByteScout released NEW versions of Bestselling products
Today is a great event at ByteScout. We are happy to announce our products update in May. We've been working hard to bring about this fantastic new versions of our existing developer tools. You're most welcome to try them for 2 months HERE. Check the details of each product version update below. You're welcome to CONTACT US and suggest your ideas on how to improve our products. Web API - May 2019 updates Minor [...]
Check out a Splendid UPDATE at ByteScout in May 2019
Since May 2019 started, we already have a splendid UPDATE for our SDK and freeware products! As always, you can trust in ByteScout professional approach and SDKs of high performance. Our support team is happy to assist you with any inquiries or issues you may experience. So, what's new? Web API Improved support for large files using async parameter. Now you may process files as large as 200+ mb files by running methods in async mode to run [...]
Ultimate Update of all ByteScout Tools in March 2019
We're back to offer a new greatest update from ByteScout! We've updated our features and functionalities, launched some new tools, and much more! Take a look below to know what it is all about: API (former ByteScout Cloud API) is now live! This powerful API allows you to create, edit, and modify PDF files, working with barcodes, filling in and signing forms, and a lot for things to do. The price starts at just $0.006 per [...]
ByteScout’s Great Spring Update in 2019 – Hurry Up to Check Our New Features!
As spring came, ByteScout launches its great update of all major features and products. We've worked hard to offer the best solution for you. Each month we introduce new edits and fixes to improve SDK performance and deliver fast and high-quality results when working with PDF and barcodes. ByteScout launched API (based on former Cloud Web API) that works with e-signatures, PDF and barcodes generation, and reading.  It works on the PAY-AS-YOU-GO model. Prices start [...]
PHP 7.2 New Functions, Features, and Updates
PHP, a hypertext preprocessor is one of the most powerful server-side scripting languages created for web development. 7.2 is the PHP latest version and it has now delivered formally with new characteristics, functions, and various petite essence changes. PHP 7.2 now has new type hinting, type widening, and various other updates. Here are the new features provided in PHP new version 7.2. Object return type declarations This is the new PHP feature introduced in the [...]
ByteScout November Update: Check New Features and Tools
The ByteScout team has recently released a bunch of new versions for our most competitive SDKs and free tools! Free Online Apps Update We implemented new tools for helping developers to learn SQL. Among them you can already test: SQL trainer is an effective method to increase your SQL knowledge by using live data exercises for popular SQL queries.   Question to SQL is another great tool that generates SQL queries from the questions you put [...]
Hurry Up to Check the Updated Products by BYTESCOUT!
Recently, ByteScout has updated all its major products to the new, fast and highly performant versions. You can now use the better products to facilitate your developer routine tasks. So, what has been done so far? We've released three new awesome products indispensable for the work with documents! Document Parser SDK, version Document Parser SDK is the universal solution that you may quickly adjust for your needs. You can easily create templates using built-in templated [...]