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Ultimate Update of all ByteScout Tools in March 2019

We’re back to offer a new greatest update from ByteScout! We’ve updated our features and functionalities, launched some new tools, and much more!

Take a look below to know what it is all about:

PDF.co API (former ByteScout Cloud API) is now live!

This powerful API allows you to create, edit, and modify PDF files, working with barcodes, filling in and signing forms, and a lot for things to do.

The price starts at just $0.006 per request/page. No subscription is required, you can use it with prepaid credits when you need to use this API after signing up.

What else is new?

We are giving back to the world

  • ByteScout donated a free license for Extractor SDK to Cancer research center in the USA
  • We also donated PDF API access for 3000 pages to the Engineering College in India.

ByteScout on-premise SDKs updates:

BarCode Reader SDK

  • Decoding of PDF417 barcodes and non-ECC200 Datamatrix barcodes was improved;
  • Improved support for PDF files when decoding barcodes from PDF format;
  • VideoCameraModule issues related to decoding of barcodes from the live camera were fixed;
  • Issues with decoding of small-sized DataMatrix barcodes were fixed;
  • Minor improvements and internal bug-fixes.

PDF Extractor SDK

  • OCR quality and performance were improved;
  • Parsing and rendering of PDF documents was improved;
  • TextExtractor.FindAll() and TextExtractor. FindAllToJSON() methods added;
  • New `AnnotationExtractor` class added to extract annotations;
  • Improved handling of embedded PDF fonts;
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.

PDF Renderer SDK

  • Handling of embedded PDF fonts was improved;
  • PDF rendering was improved and fixes some rare drawings support;
  • Minor fixes and improvements.


  • HTML to PDF conversion was enhanced and updated to provide more stability for high volume and multiple threads conversion;
  • Error handling during PDF generation was improved to provide a better experience;
  • Minor bug-fixes and enhancements.

Text Recognition SDK

  • Improved Deskew image preprocessing filter for better text recognition results;
  • PDF files input support improved;
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.

Spreadsheet SDK

  • Support for legacy XLS format improved;
  • The crash that was related to documents with print settings inside was fixed;
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.

PDF Viewer SDK

  • Handling of embedded PDF fonts was improved;
  • Parsing and rendering of PDF files was improved;
  • Minor fixes and internal improvements.

Document Parser SDK

  • Template Editor: new hotkeys Ctrl-PageUp and Ctrl-PageDown keys switching pages even if the viewer is not in focus;
  • Template Editor: new hotkey Shift-Click hotkey with “Load” button click reloads current template which is useful if you are editing it outside the template editor;
  • Templates now have an option to change and set a culture (language) affecting how numbers and dates are parsed;
  • Multiple cultures are now supported inside a single template. It is useful if you have mixed formats of numbers and dates inside the same document;
  • Improved company name detection;
  • Improved parsing of numbers and dates;
  • Improved PDF files support;
  • Minor bug-fixes and improvements.

Invoice Parser SDK

  • Invoices parsing improved, more companies are supported now;
  • Company name detection improved, more companies are detected now;
  • Localized non-English invoices are supported now;
  • The Dutch language is supported now;
  • PDF files input support improved.

BarCode SDK

  • Improved generation of DataMatrix barcodes with multi-byte text encoding inside;
  • Handling of PDF format files and pdf documents was improved;
  • Minor improvements and bug-fixes.


  • Minor improvements and bugfixes.

ByteScout free desktop tools updates:

PDF Multitool

  • OCR quality and performance were improved;
  • New option added allowing to select OCR grade UI reduced excessive painting in area selection mode;
  • UI fixed the behavior of the “Remove” button in “Merge documents” tool;
  • PDF documents parsing and rendering was improved;
  • Minor fixes and improvements.

BarCode Generator

  • Generation of Data Matrix barcodes with multi-byte text encoding was fixed and improved;
  • Handling of PDF documents as output and input was improved;
  • Minor improvements and bug-fixes were made.

BarCode Reader

  • Decoding of some PDF417 barcodes was fixed;
  • Decoding of non-ECC200 Data Matrix barcodes was fixed;
  • Improved support for PDF documents when decoding barcodes from PDF filesVideoCameraModule was fixed;
  • Decoding issue with small size DataMatrix barcodes was fixed;
  • Other minor improvements and internal bug-fixes.

Stay tuned with ByteScout and get the most of our updates!


The article was written by Daria Kizilova, freelance marketing expert and writer of https://tourexotico.com/en/


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