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ByteScout’s Great Spring Update in 2019 – Hurry Up to Check Our New Features!

As spring came, ByteScout launches its great update of all major features and products. We’ve worked hard to offer the best solution for you. Each month we introduce new edits and fixes to improve SDK performance and deliver fast and high-quality results when working with PDF and barcodes.

ByteScout launched API (based on former Cloud Web API) that works with e-signatures, PDF and barcodes generation, and reading. 

It works on the PAY-AS-YOU-GO model. Prices start as low as $0.07/request.

It can be also integrated with ZAPIER.

Our SDK and web API solutions are truly perfect now!

Below, find the recent product versions and check what new and updated features you can use.

Barcode Reader SDK


  1. Reading of barcodes (in particular, DataMatrix barcodes) from PDF files was significantly improved;
  2. Smaller bugs were fixed in this version;
  3. Overall internal optimization was held to improve the product.

Barcode SDK


  1. The program gained further optimizations;
  2. Barcode generation stability was gradually improved;
  3. Little previous bugs were successfully fixed to render the tool more efficient now!

Document Parser SDK


  1. Now, multiple languages support for templates can be enabled. It is easy to do localization settings in order to be able to parse language specific dates and numbers (separators, date formats and more);
  2. Multiple cultures are now supported within a single template: you can now parse multi-language invoices, statements, documents where 2 or more languages and formatting rules are used in the same document
  3. Parsing of dates and numbers is significantly better now;
  4. Minor bug-fixes and improvements were introduced within this version;
  5. PDF format handling reached a higher level.

Invoice Parser SDK


  1. Invoices parsing improved;
  2. More companies are supported by the built-in invoice reader;
  3. Localized invoices are supported now;
  4. Dutch language support added for invoice parsing;
  5. PDF and scanned images support improved;

PDF Extractor SDK


  1. AnnotationExtractor (Annotation Extractor) class added (PRO and OEM licenses only) for the purpose of extraction of annotations from PDF documents;
  2. Improved handling of PDF documents embedded fonts;
  3. Support for various PDF documents was enhanced and updated to provide more support for damaged and malformed PDF files;
  4. Unwanted byte order mark (BOM) fixed when SDK was writing extracted data, text, XML or JSON into MemoryStream objects;
  5. Automatic line grouping inside tables and nearby cells improved;
  6. XFA forms support improved and enhanced;
  7. Image pre-processing Deskew filter was improved;
  8. New option `ShrinkMultipleSpaces` added to improve column detection for cases where text inside a table contains multiple spaces between words;
  9. Column detection improved for rotated documents and rotated pages inside documents;
  10. Extracted data export to Microsoft Excel format (XLS, XLSX) was improved.

PDF Renderer SDK


  1. Embedded PDF fonts rendering improved and stability issues fixed;
  2. Support for various PDF documents was enhanced and updated to provide more support for damaged and malformed PDF files.



  1. HTML to PDF conversion was enhanced and updated to provide more stability for high volume and multiple threads conversion;
  2. Error handling during PDF generation was improved to provide a better experience;
  3. Minor bug-fixes and enhancements in this new version.



  1. Improved and enhanced support for PDF documents built-in fonts;
  2. Now reads PDF documents faster and with more stability;
  3. Some image files generated during PDF to HTML conversion were improperly locked on a file level, it was fixed to provide more stability and to support multiple threads conversions better.

PDF Viewer SDK


  1. Displaying PDF documents with built-in fonts was improved and enhanced;
  2. Better support for various PDF documents including damaged and malformed pdf documents;
  3. Minor issues and improvements for the internal PDF rendering functionality.



  1. Minor improvements to enhance QR barcodes generation;
  2. Minor bug-fixes and enhancements.

Spreadsheet SDK


  1. Page setup properties for spreadsheet documents were improved;
  2. New properties for page setup in XLSX output spreadsheet were added: PageSetup.CenterHorizontally and PageSetup.CenterVertically;
  3. New property for page setup was added: PageSetup.PrintHeadings.

Text Recognition SDK


  1. Improved PDF format reading support with better support for PDF documents produced by various PDF generation software;
  2. Minor internal optimizations and improvements in documents processing;
  3. Minor bug-fixes and stability enhancements.


We also updated our Freeware and created new free tools!

PDF Multitool


  1. PDF Multitool utility now shows a preview of document file conversion;
  2. PDF Multitool utility now improves document conversion option, updated to provide cleaner UI and new pdf processing options were added;
  3. Conversion process now can show a preview of the process;
  4. PDF to text, PDF to XML, PDF to JSON, PDF to CSV, PDF to image, PDF to Excel conversion dialogs were updated to provide a more clean user interface with new options added and deprecated options removed;
  5. Support for various PDF documents, including damaged and malformed documents was improved and enhanced;
  6. PDF rendering was improved and enhanced.

New Free Tools

Time Tracker for Gmail – track time spent on emails right from Gmail;
Time Tracker for Google Chrome – track time spent on web pages;

Calculator plugin for Google Docs – it can process long calculations in less than a second;

Data Playground (online app) – load data from multiple CSV files, filter, sort, group them using natural language programming, or SQL.


More tools are coming! We constantly work on launching new features and updates. Stay tuned at ByteScout and happy coding 🙂


The article was written by Daria Kizilova, freelance marketing expert and writer of


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