Creative Barcode Designs

Product barcodes appear on practically everything you buy, and traditionally, they’re pretty uninteresting. But a barcode image doesn’t have to be boring. With a little extra attention, you can create a barcode design that does much more than just help with tracking, inventory, and checkout.

Advantages of creative barcode formats

Stepping out of the box and adopting a custom barcode has two big advantages compared to old-school barcode label design. First, a unique barcode can grab consumers’ attention, as it conveys the idea that your company genuinely values attention to detail. A creative barcode also is a platform through which you have another opportunity to visually stress your brand or company concept for the consumer. This is incredibly important for the same reason logos are so critical—in terms of memory and recall, the human brain loves pictures.

Examples of amazing barcodes

While there are hundreds of great examples of outstanding barcode design online, these are some of the absolute best.

This cute barcode is perfect for Valentine’s Day items like boxed chocolates, flowers, jewelry or even customized champagne glasses. You also could use it effectively for wedding-related items or romantic greeting cards.

Amazing Barcodes

While this creative barcode design makes obvious sense for stand-alone cameras such as a photographer might use, it also could work in other campaigns, such as on mugs or shirts designed to promote neighborhood watch.

Umbrellas can symbolize protection and status, so how about this design on sunscreen, roofing or even a tiara?

Custom Barcode

This zebra-based barcode could be the ideal image for a journal or meditation CD, since zebras symbolize balance, individuality, and openness to alternative viewpoints.

Barcode Image

And this crown barcode easily conveys the idea of power and superiority—think little girls’ dress-up princess gear or a package of king crab.

Barcode Artwork

Or how about this fancy barcode that uses a shopping cart? It would fit right in on a reusable grocery bag or ticket to a buy-on-site trade show.

Fancy Barcode

Imagine this on tags for high-end professional clothes or accessories.
Barcode Images

And here’s one that could work on a lady’s handbag as easily as it might on intimate products (zippers convey closure, but also can connote sexuality or closeness).

Funny Barcode

New barcode designs like this would work not only for firearms but also anything associated with them, such as gun oil, targets or locks. Even cowboy costumes might get a boost.

Barcode Design

Audio or video producers might see this on the software they use to make their films or music videos.
Design Your Own BarcodeRemember, too, when you design your own barcode, your creative barcode design doesn’t have to be completely serious. Funny barcodes can bring a splash of joy to customers that see it, and having some funny barcodes to scan might even help cashiers stay upbeat as they work with hundreds of products a day. Whatever you come up with, just make sure it captures the best qualities of your company.


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