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PDFlite Can Now be Used as a Desktop App

Here’s a recent update from PDFlite: every tool can now be used as a desktop app!

PDFlite is sponsored by PDF.co and ByteScout providing a range of useful PDF data extraction tools that can be used for multiple purposes. Should you require form filling or signing, PDF conversion to text, image, or JSON formats, PDF splitting, and merging – PDFlite can do it all! Moreover, there’s a new PDFlite app recently released that allows splitting PDF into single pages.

PDFlite is NOT suitable for programmers or those who need to automate, check PDF.co Web API instead.

From now, you can use every PDFlite app on your desktop for your convenience.

    1. How to Install PDFlite in Google Chrome
    2. How to Install PDFlite in Microsoft Edge
    3. List of PDFlite Apps Available
    4. Other Great Features of PDFlite

How to Install PDFlite in Google Chrome

Check out this simple animated walkthrough showing how to install a PDFlite on your computer if you browse in Google Chrome.

Install in Google Chrome

How to Install PDFlite in Microsoft Edge

This video guide will illustrate how to install PDFlite as a desktop app if you use Microsoft Edge.

Install in Microsoft Edge

List of PDFlite Apps Available

Here’s the complete list of all PDFlite available for everyday use to perform different PDF activities.

So, what exactly can you do with the help of PDFlite apps?

Sign and Fill PDF

You and fill and sign PDF forms by uploading and processing the document straight in your browser. The tool allows adding checkboxes, digital signatures, text, and more.

Convert PDF to Image

If you need to save a page in JPEG format, this app will come in handy. All you need to do is upload a PDF and convert it. You can select multiple pages and convert them as separate images handed to you in a ZIP file.

Convert PDF to Text

This app extracts unstructured and unformatted text from PDF or scanned PDF using advanced OCR.

Convert PDF to JSON

Extract JSON representing raw text from PDF files. You can easily extract all PDF pages or select only the pages needed.

Watermark and Protect PDF

This handy app allows protecting your PDF file by turning it into an image and adding a watermark to it.

Convert Image to Text

This highly accurate app with advanced OCR allows extracting text from JPG and PNG images.

Convert Image to PDF

You can generate your own PDFs from JPG and PNG images with a prior page adding and re-arrangement.

Split PDF & Merge PDF Files

These 2 apps can offer fast PDF splitting and merging multiple PDF documents unlimitedly.

Split PDF to Single Pages

This new app perfectly splits your PDF into single PDF pages.

Simplified PDF Viewer

This handy tool is helpful when you need to see your PDF for further use with PDF.co Web API.

Other Great Features of PDFlite


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