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ByteScout Announced SDK Renewal Policy Updates

Starting from January 2022, ByteScout SDK renewal is required if you need to compile, debug, build your projects using the SDK.
In the same time, yearly renewal prices were significantly decreased from 40% to just 30% of full new license price and to 22%/year if you purchase a renewal for 2-3 years.

Already compiled/built applications will run forever. Renewals are required only if you need to use SDK in R&D / building/compilation/debugging processes.

Let’s look into the renewal price in detail:

For example, the renewal price for a license is $1,200 per year / per developer. For example, this license covers one developer and one production server.

This price may look like a lot but it can be considered as the following:

1) It is equal to $50 per month per developer + $50 per server

Even $100 / month is much less than 1 hour of professional software development from pdf and barcodes experts.

3) Updates and tech support subscription provides you with access to our engineering team of PDF and barcoding experts as well as continuous access to the latest updates (and weekly builds) for both SDKs.

4) There is no obligation to renew if you don’t need to maintain your project anymore. Your already compiled apps will just run forever. Even if you don’t renew, you can always just repurchase a new license if you need to use SDK again in the R&D processes.

5) Finally, having an active maintenance contract can be valuable because you can focus on developing your product and serving your customers and clients instead of digging into the technical side of handling various PDFs and barcodes.

Still, if your budget is limited and you only need to process a small number of documents, try our API platform. You can pay as you go with this Web API and pay just a few cents per page or go with a subscription plan that starts at just $9.99/month. If you are an existing SDK customer then please contact us to get free credits for your account!




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