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The Future of Blazor in .NET
People have always tried to find new ways to make advancements in the world of web development. Making web development easier will allow developers to focus more on other aspects and increase productivity. Blazor, a new web application framework, is the recent solution to making web development easier. Blazor can run .NET directly in the browser through WebAssembly which reduces the need for additional plugins or add-ons. Table of Contents: What is Blazor Need for [...]
TOP-10 Interview Questions in .NET
This article contains common .NET interview questions and answers that can help you land the position and test your knowledge of the framework. Q1. What is.NET framework? Answer: It is a software framework developed by Microsoft, which is used to create and run a wide range of software applications on windows. It supports various languages like C#, VB, Cobol, Perl, .NET, etc. With the help of. NET developers can work on both form- and web-based [...]
Differences between VB 6 and VB.NET & Migrating VB 6 code to Microsoft VB.NET
VB 6 is an old application development framework that targets the COM infrastructure which in turn depends upon the useable components of the Windows framework. VB 6 is considered extremely simple since it doesn’t depend on outside components since all the functions and features that are required by the application are shipped in the form of runtime libraries with VB 6 application code. VB 6 code can either be compiled to interpreted P-code or the native runtime code. On the other [...]
Versions and Improvements in .NET Framework
Some words about .NET Framework are at the previous article .Net Framework is a known Microsoft product which is a programming framework that software applications use in order to run commands.  Visual Studio is the most notable tool for .Net Framework as it provides an integrated development environment for .NET software. Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition offered the first full-featured edition for personal development as well as compilers for programming languages such as C++. The [...]
.NET Framework – History and Advantages
.NET framework is a multipurpose software application development framework developed by Microsoft. It provides a uniform set of tools and features that can be used to develop a variety of applications including desktop, web-based, and mobile applications. The best thing about the .NET framework is that you don’t need to learn much about application development techniques once you have a basic understanding of the frame. Common Language Runtime Framework Class Libraries .NET History Can You [...]
ActiveX and Microsoft .NET: Detailed Comparison
ActiveX is a software application development framework Introduced by Microsoft in 1996. The ActiveX framework was geared towards web application development by combining and adapted versions of earlier COM (Component Object Model) with the Object Linking and Embedding Technologies (OLE) which is widely used for downloading content from the websites. Although theoretically, ActiveX was created with the intent to work on all the platforms it is mostly used on window platforms, and due to compiled [...]
ASP.NET: History, Purpose, Versions
ASP.NET is a server-side programming language used for developing dynamic websites, web applications, and web services. Before dwelling into the details of the ASP.NET let us first differentiate between a static and a dynamic website. Static versus Dynamic Websites ASP.NET History Purpose ASP.NET Versions Static versus Dynamic Websites In the earlier days of the internet and World Wide Web, the applications or websites developed were nothing more than online brochures. These websites were used to [...]
.NET Bear, Do You Know Any Free PDF Generation Libraries For Use In Commercial Applications?
Short Answer: Yes, you can use iTextSharp 4.1.6 (please read important information about this particular version 4.1.6 below). iTextSharp is the mature and solid PDF generation library for .NET, originally ported from iText, Java library. This open-source library delivers functionality to create, modify, stamp, fill PDF files. Question: Can I use this library in a closed source commercial applications for free of charge? Answer: this is allowed with iTextSharp 4.1.6 version (or prior versions) only [...]