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ByteScout BarCode SDKSome more updates of developer software from ByteScout in February, 2016What's new BarCode Reader SDK 8.35.1497:Heuristic Mode (automatic decoding retry with different image processing options) implementedQR Code decoding and added support for various QR internal formats: ECI, FNC1, etc. improvedPDF rendering improvedDatamatrix barcodes decoding improvedblurred PDF417 barcodes decoding improvedCode 128 decoding improvedPDFOptimizeSplittedParts property addedMore info about BarCode Reader SDKWhat's new BarCode Reader Freeware 8.35.1497:read barcodes in .net from PDF faster with this new releaseimproved QR Code decodingimproved PDF [...]
Some more updates of developer software from ByteScout in November, 2015:ByteScout BarCode Generator SDK 4.33.820BarCode Generator Freeware 4.33.820.0BarCode Reader SDK 8.30.1468BarCode Reader 8.30.1468What's new BarCode Generator SDK 4.33.820:generate barcodes in WinForms, ASP.NET, WPF applicationsCode 93 barcodes fixes issues with some symbolsminor improvements and fixesMore info about BarCode Generator SDKWhat's new BarCode Generator Freeware 4.33.820.0:improved barcode generation in this free barcode generatorCode 93 barcodes fixes issues with some symbolsminor improvements and fixesMore info about BarCode Generator FreewareWhat's new BarCode Reader SDK 8.30.1468:barcode reading and barcode reading [...]
BarCode ReaderByteScout updated a developer library ByteScout BarCode Reader SDK 8.25.1437 and BarCode Reader 8.25.1437 freeware on September 18, 2015.  What's new BarCode Reader SDK 8.25.1437:reading barcodes from PDF improvedread barcodes in .NET from images, pdf, live camerabarcode reading from PDF improveupdated source code samplesminor bug-fixes and improvementsEvaluation version BarCode Reader SDK 8.25.1437 downloadWhat's new in BarCode Reader 8.25.1437 freeware:free utility to read barcodes improvedreading barcodes from PDF improvedminor bug-fixes and improvementsMore info and BarCode Reader freeware download link at:
ByteScout updated software for reading barcodes: ByteScout BarCode Reader SDK 8.10.1269  and BarCode Reader Freeware 8.10.1269 on October 16, 2014.ByteScout BarCode Reader SDK screenshotWhat's new ByteScout BarCode Reader SDK 8.10.1269:read barcodes in .netread barcodes in from images, tiff and pdfsupport for PZN barcodes addedsupport for Circular barcodes addedWPF samples added showing reading barcodes from live camerareading barcodes from web cam samples modified for use in your projects as one time popup dialogminor samples updatesAPI documentation updatesMore info about ByteScout BarCode [...]
Some more updates of developer software from ByteScout in August, 2014:ByteScout BarCode Generator SDK 4.10.713BarCode Generator Freeware 4.10.713BarCode Reader SDK 8.10.1220BarCode Reader 8.10.1220What's new BarCode Generator SDK 4.10.713:Improved barcode generator API; ValueIsValidGS1(value) method added to verify GS1 value;GS1 (EAN128, GS-128, GS1 Datamatrix) text caption generation improved for long values;TextEncodingCodePage and TextEncodingUseUTF8 added for use from ActiveX/COM interfaces;DrawImagesToPDF() now allows multiple images to be added;Minor fixesMore info about BarCode Generator SDKWhat's new BarCode Generator Freeware 4.10.713:Improved barcode generation;GS1 (EAN128, GS-128, GS1 Datamatrix) text caption [...]
What's new BarCode Reader SDK 8.00.1172:read barcodes faster and better in your desktop and web applications;new barcode types supported: GTIN-8, GTIN-12, ITF-14, Code 93, MSI, GTIN-14;improved support for barcode reading from noisy images (lot of images works without need to enable noise removal);IMPORTANT: changes to the API: barcode type selection changed to set of bool properties, for example, now you should set barcode types like this: bc.BarcodeTypesToFind.EAN13 = truePDF support improved;improved 2D barcodes reading;new source code samples [...]
ByteScout team worked hard in March, 2014 and released 4 new versions software for developers:BarCode Reader SDK Reader freeware Extractor SDK 3.40.1349PDF To HTML SDK 3.40.1339What's new BarCode Reader SDK 7.00.1109:new Postnet (1D) and MicroPDF (2D) barcodes support added;new WIAImageScanner class is available through ActiveX/COM;PDF support improved. Interleaved 2 of 5 and 2D barcodes reading improved;the issue with reading first barcode only from PDF documents and some minor bugs were fixed;new source code samples: ASP.NETBarcodes from Live WebCam (C#) to show how to read barcodes in web [...]