Some more updates of developer software from ByteScout in November, 2015:ByteScout BarCode Generator SDK 4.33.820BarCode Generator Freeware 4.33.820.0BarCode Reader SDK 8.30.1468BarCode Reader 8.30.1468What's new BarCode Generator SDK 4.33.820:generate barcodes in WinForms, ASP.NET, WPF applicationsCode 93 barcodes fixes issues with some symbolsminor improvements and fixesMore info about BarCode Generator SDKWhat's new BarCode Generator Freeware 4.33.820.0:improved barcode generation in this free barcode generatorCode 93 barcodes fixes issues with some symbolsminor improvements and fixesMore info about BarCode Generator FreewareWhat's new BarCode Reader SDK 8.30.1468:barcode reading and barcode reading [...]
Watch video reviews for developer's libraries from ByteScout Software:PDF Extractor SDK Video Review: the demo of PDF Extractor SDK step-by-step from installation process, PDF Viewer GUI and documentation review to some features demo: text extraction, table extraction, XFA Forms extraction, OCR demo, ZUGFerD extraction.PDF To HTML SDK Video Review shows main features with easy way: installation, samples and documentation review. Converting pdf to html using the PDF viewer demo utility is demonstrated with samples of choosing css based conversion [...]
The harvest of ByteScout team is ready!1) BarCode Reader SDK 8.10.1220 (July 31, 2014). What's new:improved reading of images with noise;improved PDF reading support;(Pro License) new method .SplitDocument() to split PDF and TIFF files;(Pro License) new source code samples on splitting PDF and TIFF documents;(Pro License) new method to extract pages from PDF or TIFF: ExtractPageFromDocument();stability improvements;Interleaved 2 of 5 barcode reading improved;documentation and samples updated2) BarCode Reader 8.10.1220 (July 31, 2014). What's new:improved reading of barcodes [...]
Some more updates of developer software from ByteScout in August, 2014:ByteScout BarCode Generator SDK 4.10.713BarCode Generator Freeware 4.10.713BarCode Reader SDK 8.10.1220BarCode Reader 8.10.1220What's new BarCode Generator SDK 4.10.713:Improved barcode generator API; ValueIsValidGS1(value) method added to verify GS1 value;GS1 (EAN128, GS-128, GS1 Datamatrix) text caption generation improved for long values;TextEncodingCodePage and TextEncodingUseUTF8 added for use from ActiveX/COM interfaces;DrawImagesToPDF() now allows multiple images to be added;Minor fixesMore info about BarCode Generator SDKWhat's new BarCode Generator Freeware 4.10.713:Improved barcode generation;GS1 (EAN128, GS-128, GS1 Datamatrix) text caption [...]
New BarCode Reader SDK for Java 1.0 is released on March 31, 2014.BarCode Reader SDK for Java 1.0 is a new library for Java developers to add barcode reading into java applications. Read main barcodes in your Java app: Code 39, Code 128, UPCA, UPCE, EAN, Codabar, Interleaved 2 of 5 barcodes, QR Code barcodes. The library works in Java 6 and later.Download evaluation version: info:
We are proud to announce our new (new and the first) free e-book called "Introduction Into Barcodes".This free book will (we hope) help business users and software developers to quickly get introduced into different types of barcodes to make the best choice.Download the book from this page (no sign-up or registration required!): book is available in PDF, ePUB and MOBI (Kindle) formats for free, contains 48 pages:The Table of Contents preview: Preface  - iii      [...]
updated on 5 February 2014 (to include support for Internet Explorer 9+)It is easy with HTML5, Javascript and the latest version of BarCode Reader SDK!Screenshot of the Google Chrome browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari are also supported!) running ASP.NET code reading Code 128 barcodes from online web camera:Visual Studio 2008/2010 or higher is required for this sample to run!1) Install evaluation copy of BarCode Reader SDK from www.bytescout.com2) in Visual Studio use File - Open [...]
see the previous part hereUsage• Widely used in Europe on consumer goods such as groceries, DVDs, food items and other similar products.• Used in production houses where fast encoding and decoding is required owing to its simpler encoding/ decoding technique involving numeric only.• Due to its capability to be scanned at acute angles, EAN-13 is widely used on point of sales retail stores.ConclusionCode13 barcode type should be used in cases where quick and easy encoding [...]
Advantages• It is a very high density barcode and can encode large amount of information in smaller area.• The barcode is very easy to read and even a scanner, at an angle as acute as 45 degrees to the surface of the barcode, can easily decode the information• Wide use of the scanner in Europe makes it very portable and no advanced scanning devices are required to decode the information• Much suited to fast moving [...]
EAN 13EAN-13 is a linear barcode type most commonly used outside America, particularly in European countries. EAN-13 is an abbreviation for European Article Number which is now called International Article Number. EAN-13 contains 13 consecutive and fixed digits in total. The first 2, 3 digits of the EAN-13 code represent the country code next 9, 10 digits represent the manufacturer code and the product code while the last digits are the checksum digits. The total [...]