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TOP-60 Most Important SQL Queries in 2020
SQL is incredibly powerful, and like every well-made development tool, it has a few commands which it’s vital for a good developer to know. Here is a list of SQL queries that are really important for coding & optimization. Each of the queries in our SQL tutorial is consequential to almost every system that interacts with an SQL database. 1. Retrieving Tables 31. Database Management 2. Selecting Columns from a Table 32. Adding Tables to [...]
MSSQL vs PostgreSQL Features : Complete Tutorial
MSSQL and PostgreSQL are both relational databases. They both are identical but different in various ways. They both are created to store data in an organized way for querying. One of the major differences between both is that PostgreSQL is an open-source database management system and MSSQL is a relational database management system of Microsoft.that is most popular with mid-sized and large enterprises. Both these databases are widely used by many enterprises for creating robust [...]
MySQL vs MSSQL Detailed Comparison
MySQL and SQL Server are relational database management systems. The major difference between these two databases is that MySQL is open source whereas SQL Server is developed by Microsoft. Both databases support various programming languages. For instance, MySQL supports Java, C++, TCL, Perl, and Haskel. SQL Server supports Java, C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, Ruby, and R. Many database administrators think that the performance of MySQL is better than MsSQL. On the other hand, MSSQL has [...]
How to Increase the Speed of SQL Queries?
SQL (Structured Query Language) is the most widely used programming language for creating and designing relational databases, and for the fulfillment of various operations on the data. Many times developers fail to understand the importance of query optimization. The speed of SQL queries or the performance of the database application depends on the efficient SQL queries. This article will explain how to increase the speed of SQL queries. SQL Query Optimization Executing Stored Procedures in [...]
TOP-20 SQL Interview Questions
Are you getting ready for a database administrator position? Is SQL knowledge a prerequisite for the position that you are applying for? If the answer is yes, then you probably need to brush up your database skills once again. This post is all about getting you ready for the interview process. The following are 10 common yet challenging SQL interview questions that you must get ready for. The question set is broken into 3 sections [...]
MongoDB vs MSSQL Ultimate Comparison
Relational database management systems and Non-Relational database management systems are fighting with each other in the world of data. MongoDB is one of the most popular non-relational databases that is trying to solve the scalability issue. MS-SQL is a popular relational database management system that uses T-SQL to solve many issues. This article explains the technical difference between MongoDB and MS-SQL. Table vs Collection MongoDB Stored Procedure vs MSSQL Stored Procedure MSSQL DROP Table vs [...]
MongoDB vs MySQL: Complete Tutorial
Today we’re going to explore the differences between MongoDB and MySQL. First, a question: are the two locked in mortal competition? Not at all. In fact, “MongoDB vs SQL” makes the issue sound more adversarial that reality reveals since the two serve very different purposes by design. Another important FAQ is this: Is MongoDB faster than MySQL? Again, this is like comparing basketball and baseball: they’re different games, but you might say they both have [...]
How to Prevent, Solve and Test SQL Injection in PHP?
An SQL Injection Attack is presumably the simplest crime to prevent while being one of the smallest defended against modes of attack. The focus of the attack is that an SQL call is connected to the back end of a form entries in the web or application front end, with the purpose of destroying the fundamental SQL Script and then operating the SQL script that was included in the form fields. This SQL injection most [...]
What is SQL and what is it used for
In today’s digital world, enormous amounts of electronic data are being gathered, processed, and stored in databases every single day. These databases can be used for anything – websites, inventory records, vendor and customer information, or even for recording contact information such as phone numbers. If the transformation of raw data into information that supports decision making is the end goal, knowing how to work with such databases is imperative. Here’s where SQL comes in. [...]
TOP-30 PostgreSQL Advanced Queries in 2020
When application data complexity demands object-oriented data we need PostgreSQL. The object-relational database is a natural fit for object-oriented coding. PostgreSQL advanced queries have many advantages, such as table inheritance and foreign keys. For example, we can use relationships among data to find records. You can even add custom functions with other languages like C and Java! In this PostgreSQL tutorial, we are going to illustrate the best of PostgreSQL advanced queries. This will serve as [...]