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ByteScout November Update: Check New Features and Tools

The ByteScout team has recently released a bunch of new versions for our most competitive SDKs and free tools!

Free Online Apps Update

We implemented new tools for helping developers to learn SQL. Among them you can already test:

  • SQL trainer is an effective method to increase your SQL knowledge by using live data exercises for popular SQL queries.


  • Question to SQL is another great tool that generates SQL queries from the questions you put into the system. You also have a set of sample questions you can use.


JS Playground is a new online application where you can experiment with JavaScript code and improve your level.

…And there are more tools coming.

Free Desktop Apps Update

We have a range of very useful tools for end-users. You can download them HERE.


Stream Visualizer

It makes bitmaps debugging so much easier! You can preview bitmaps and image objects straight in the Debug mode. The addon is compatible with Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2017.

Some tools were updated and gained NEW FEATURES:

PDF ConverterPDF Multitool

This is our ultimate tool to perform multiple functions with PDF. In the updated version, check PDF rendering and font rendering improvements as well as better extraction of embedded media files and text from rotated images. Our brilliant support is even better now!

Barcode GeneratorBarCode Generator freeware

The application generates barcodes and exports them into JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF. In this version, new barcode symbology was added. Minor fixes are included.

Barcode ReaderBarCode Reader freeware

The tool opens and reads barcodes from images and web camera. This version includes the following improvements: PDF processing mode, PDF documents rendering and more.

SDK Features Updates

Extract PDFPDF Extractor SDK

This is a unique developer kit that helps extract text and images, convert table data, merge and split documents and more. In this version, you will find a better font and text rendering, embedded media files extraction. Also, now you can easily extract text from rotated pages and more.

PDF Renderer SDKRender PDF

This great tool renders fonts and graphics, converts PDF to BMP, EMF, TIFF, PNG images. In the updated version,  you will find more options for text and font rendering as well as an improved support of cropped PDF docs.

View PDFPDF Viewer SDK

Excellent tool to view PDF documents. In the new version, you can experience great performance improvements and a better rendering of cropped PDFs as well as reinforced Viewer Control.


The tool smoothly converts PDF format to HTML. A new version includes great performance changes and improved support as well as minor fixes.


PDF SDK is #1 developer kit that can help you create and modify PDF docs. In the new version,  .NET Core 2.0 compatible assemblies were added.

Spreadsheet SDKSpreadsheet SDK

This ultimate tool to work with spreadsheets. This version update includes some fixes of PDF tables formatting and working with multiline values.

Text RecognitionText Recognition SDK

This easy-to-use SDK is for working with OCR and text recognition. The update provides a better PDF rendering as well as some minor fixes.


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