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5 Popular Standalone JavaScript Spreadsheet Libraries

We present you with the top 5 Popular JS spreadsheets for building web apps to process Big data. Very well known in the web development industry, Spreadsheet Libraries are pre-coded applications that you can use to create your applications by using them in your code. It makes coding efficient for programmers and developers.

Spreadsheet libraries are primarily used to handle enormous amounts of data in Tech Firms, businesses, and other required places. JavaScripts Spreadsheet libraries are commonly used in both Single page applications and Multiple page applications.

There are many JS Spreadsheet libraries developed over time for different requirements and have various features. Some are more popular than others for obvious reasons. Most of the popular JS spreadsheets come with licensing policy, but they give free trials for some period.

  1. DHTMLX Spreadsheet
  2. Ag-Grid
  3. Clusterize JS
  4. Jspreadsheet
  5. Slickgrid
  6. Special Mentions

Standalone JavaScript Spreadsheet Libraries
In this article, we will characterize 5 popular standalone JavaScript spreadsheet libraries based on functions, features, price, and licensing policy.

1. DHTMLX Spreadsheet

DHTMLX Spreadsheet is a customizable JS spreadsheet. It is a lightweight and versatile library that is supported by popular frameworks such as React, Angular, Vue.js, and it is likewise diagramed with Swimlane and Groups.

This spreadsheet allows cross-browser web development. The library’s main features include customization of toolbar, icon, menu, layout, form, popup, data view, and tree grid. Apart from that, with its Cell formatting, you can modify text color, background color, text alignment, and more.

You can also hide menu items and cells, Resize cells, check the visibility of cells and attach any DHTMLX component to cells. Their JavaScript API also allows you to do all types of calculations; no coding is required from your side. There are numerous built-in formulas for easy and quick numerical calculations.

Cross-referencing feature helps with the interaction between multiple worksheets at the same time. With TypeScript, it is easy to add spreadsheet features in the app much faster.

It fully supports Google and Excel-like interfaces. It provides fast and easy-to-use full interface customization, accessibility, navigation, and other features. Check out their user guide to learn more about features.

Licensing policy:

  • Commercial License – $149
  • Enterprise License – $449
  • Ultimate License – $669

2. Ag-Grid

Supposedly “The Best JavaScript Grid in the World.” It is a JavaScript Grid component supported with Angular, React, Vue.js, AngularJS 1. x. AG Grid has fast performance, and they are continuously working with their performance speed.

It is packed with features like rows and columns integrations, grouping and aggregation, rich UI control, tree view, customization, etc. Their built-in aggregation feature provides aggregate values of data while grouping. You can easily access data from and to clipboard, specify columns, give context to every entry, offer specific grids to details, real-time updates, and much more.

All their features can be filtered and customized according to users’ needs. For more features overview, visit the AG-Grid page and check out some demos for better understanding.

They have two versions of Licensing policies: Community and Enterprise. The community version is free to use but it only has basic features.

The Enterprise Version is priced accordingly:

  • Single Application Developer – $750 per developer.
  • Multiple Application Developer – $1200 per developer.
  • Deployment License – $750 per production.

3. Clusterize JS

It is another JavaScript Spreadsheet plugin. The main feature of this JS spreadsheet is to display large data sets quickly. It is very lightweight ( about 2.3 KB gzipped) and fasts for a single-purpose interface. Clusterize JS is integrated with Angular, React, and Vue.

It doesn’t show the entire spreadsheet; instead, it makes clusters (hence the name) of data. Then the spreadsheet will present only current scroll positions, and you can see the top and bottom of the spreadsheet on the top and bottom, respectively; this is to emulate the full height of the table. In this way, it can manage millions of rows and doesn’t pollute DOM.

Adaptive virtual scrolling feature makes it easy to access millions of data in thousands of rows, and you can access specific rows of the spreadsheet efficiently without any lag. It supports all modern browsers (IE8+), any tag, mobiles, and tablets.

Licensing Policy:

  • MIT License policy personal license
  • Commercial License – $25
  • Extended License – $110

4. Jspreadsheet

Formerly known as JExcel, Jspreadsheet is a lightweight JavaScript plugin compatible with other spreadsheet software. It easily integrates Excel in websites and applications. Above everything, it is a free, open-source spreadsheet.

The features of this spreadsheet include customization of columns and editors in any application. It has inputs that can be supported in most web-based applications. You can also create amazing CRUDS and UI with this JS spreadsheet.

Jspreadsheet enables you to automate Excel applications, workbooks, and sheets, and you can easily embed Excel workbooks in a Java swing application. It supports single-page applications, third-party plugin integrations, multiple spreadsheets, and common copy-paste shortcuts.

5. Slickgrid

Slickgrid is a JavaScript Spreadsheet based on jQuery and jQueryUI. It is another fully open-source component, and it is compatible with bootstrap as well.

The features of this JS spreadsheet are very advanced even though it is free. It provides many features of licensed JS spreadsheet libraries. Its main features contain Adaptive virtual scrolling, resizing, reordering, hiding, auto-sizing of columns. Users can edit, format, and create new rows—supports “GlobalEditorLock” for multiple editors.

Slickgrid also includes features of the AG Grid JS spreadsheet-like Grouping, filtering, aggregation, etc. It can handle millions of rows without any lag.

Although Slickgrid is multi-tooled, it doesn’t necessarily provide all features required by an extensive enterprise development. It only offers basic features for an average user. For this reason, it is not as popular as other JS spreadsheets mentioned above. But, it is very efficient for a small developer who can’t afford a commercial License.

Special Mentions:

Handsontable, Grapecity SpreadJS, CRUD Data Grid are other popular JavaScript Spreadsheet Libraries with great features and UI. These are also supported by basic frameworks like React, Vue.js, and Angular.

Final Verdict:

We hope you’ll find this article helpful to find out the Spreadsheet library that meets your needs, whether it’s a small project or a significant application development. But, nothing can be finalized before trial, and that’s what free trials are for. So, try out these libraries and choose the worthy one.


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