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TOP-10 Location Tracking Apps in 2022 to Improve Security

Location-tracking apps are essential for knowing the whereabouts of our family or loved ones. After all, the world out there is pretty dangerous, and instant location-tracking apps help us keep a tab on the movements of dear ones. Moreover, we can download different location-tracking apps, run the app in the background, and track the location of your family. What apps track your location? Let’s go through the same in detail.

What Apps Track Your Location?

Different tracking apps can help you track the location of your loved ones. However, What apps track your location? Apps that easily connect with the GPS and run in the background of your smartphone by enabling the location-tracker settings can help you track your location.

Moreover, some apps help you to track the location of your loved ones in real-time, even if your phone is connected to a network.

What is Safe App Tracking?

The most important question you might have about location tracking apps is, What is safe app tracking? A safe location tracking app helps you track the location of your loved one by securing the privacy of the individual and their family or group.

After all, we don’t want us and our family or group to risk their privacy to know their whereabouts. So when you download a tracking app on your Android phone to know the whereabouts of your loved ones, ensure that it consists of all the essential safety features that secure you and your loved ones.

Best Location Tracking Apps for Android

The location-tracking apps with GPS connectivity can be downloaded on android phones. These are the best location-tracking apps for Andriod:


One of the top location-tracking apps that you can get in 2022 is Waze. It is a GPS-connected app that helps us to know the routes and the latest traffic updates. Moreover, Waze also lets you know available free parking spots to avoid unnecessary expenses for parking tickets. However, the app gives priority to the privacy of its consumers. But still, finding the exact location of your loved one is easy if they share their location with us. If you are still wondering What apps track your location, download the Waze app on your android phone today!

Life 360

If you are looking for a “feel free together” tracking app for location, then Life 360 is the optimum choice. Moreover, they are the most downloaded location tracker app across the globe. With the help of the location-sharing feature of the Life 360 app, one can quickly know about the whereabouts of your family member or group member. Further, in case of emergencies, the alarm button that is included in the app can help us alert our group or family members faster.


Another popular location-tracking app is the isharing app. Moreover, if you are thinking about What apps track your location with an extra layer of security for you and your family, you can consider isharing location-tracking apps. Further, it is one of the most popular tracking apps that track your location in real-time privately with a GPS tracker.


Famisafe is another popular location-tracking app in 2022. Most importantly, it comes with a parent lock feature that helps you set a time for using the app. Famisafe also comes with a location-sharing feature similar to other location-tracking apps. Further, it also comes with an activity tracker that helps you track your kids’ activities and know where they are and what they are doing.

Follow Mee

Another location tracking app in 2022 that will help us know about the whereabouts of our loved ones is Follow mee app. It helps your smartphone to convert to a GPS tracking device. All you need to do is to install the following mee app on your smartphone to track the whereabouts and location. Further, with this app, one can track multiple devices simultaneously.

Google Apps

Google apps are one of the most popular location-tracking apps. Moreover, they are the leading tracking app that we can use to know different routes and discover the locations. Furthermore, we can use google apps on more than two devices simultaneously.

Family Locator

Another location-tracking app that is ideal for tracking your family’s location and whereabouts is Family Locator. The app comes with zone based tracking system, where one can track and know which zone their family is situated in. Moreover, you can track your phone in case it gets lost with the help of the Track stolen or lost device feature.


mSpy is the next popular app that helps you track the location of your family. The app comes with real-time tracking of cell phones and a geo-fencing feature. So if you want to know what apps can track your location with geo-fencing features, do not shy away from mSpy.


The Glympse is another popular location-tracking app that you can use to track the location of your loved ones. It also comes with roadside assistance or a direct emergency feature that helps your loved ones to assure them that you can instantly reach them when they need it. Moreover, you can use it for free.

Geo Tracker

Another popular location-tracking app is Geo-tracker. This app not only helps you to keep a tab on the location and whereabouts of your loved ones but also helps you to know the speed of their vehicle. Be it a car or bike.

How to Find Location App

Now we know these are the different types of location-tracking apps in 2022. But how to find the location app? You can find the location tracking app in either the google play store or the mobile app store. Moreover, there are both free as well paid tracking apps.

Thus, you can search for your favorite tracking app in the Google play store or your mobile app store and download it.

Best GPS App for Tracking

We know most location-tracking apps come with GPS connectivity. However, if you are looking for the best GPS app for tracking, then Google maps are the best app you can have. Because the share location feature of the app gives us the most accurate or reliable tracking results.

Moreover, the user-friendly interface and customizing real-time location tracking make Google maps the best location-tracking app globally. Further, the GPS connectivity in Google maps is almost accurate and reliable.


Thus, these are the top 10 location tracking apps in 2022 to improve security. Moreover, Google Maps is the best GPS app for tracking, so if you are looking for good location-tracking apps to locate your near and dear ones.


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