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PRO version benefits: multiple watermarks at once, animated GIF support, multipage TIFF support and access to advanced settings Why Watermarking Pro? Save time by running directly from Windows Explorer (PRO VERSION ONLY): apply multiple watermarks at once (for example, date/time stamp at the bottom and copyright information at the top) (PRO ONLY): use EXIF, IPTC macros in watermarks; You can preview every change before actually applying the watermark; Special symbols like ©, ® to indicate [...]
Your download will begin in a moment. If it doesn't, click here to try again. Still having trouble? Use instant download links below: direct download (EXE installer) - from US server 1 direct download (ZIP) - from US server 1
Bytescout Watermarking and Watermarking PRO are capable of watermarking pictures with embossed text Embossed Text watermark type.NOTE: For more features like image effects please check Watermarking PRO versionFirst of all let's add input image files by clicking on "Add files" button. Select desired picture (or multiple pictures while holding CTRL or SHIFT button) and click Open button to use this image (or these images) as input: You'll see that the image file has been added [...]
Photo watermarking is an effective way to protect photo before sharing online. Photo watermark can be a text or image added to a digital photo to provide copyright protection.How to add watermark to photo? This tutorial will show you how to watermark photo files to protect them. Photo watermark can be applied using Bytescout Watermarking tool with ease. Bytescout Watermarking wizard will lead you through a few easy steps to add any digital watermark to [...]
Bytescout Watermarking PRO provides support for EXIF and photo file information macros which can be used in text for text watermarks. These macros can be used with any text-based watermarking preset.Full list of supported EXIF macros in Watermarking PRO is available hereTo open watermark text editor with list of macros click Text button as shown below:And Text Editor window will appear where you can compose watermark text and add EXIF and photo information macros:Here is [...]
Bytescout Watermarking PRO provides support for EXIF and photo file information macros which can be used in text for text watermarks. These macros can be used with any text-based watermarking preset.Check the tutorial to see how macros work in Watermarkng PROFull list of supported macros in Watermarking PRO: {{FULL_PATH}} - full path to the file (including directory and filename) {{FILENAME}} - filename of the picture (including extension, for example: mysample.jpg) {{FILENAME_NO_EXT}} - filename without ext (for [...]
Have you ever thought of the fact that every time you publish your photos to the Web they are at risk of being stolen and used by somebody else? To avoid this, you should protect them with visual watermarks. Using Bytescout Watermarking PRO you will secure your photos against unauthorized use. Input image Protected image The program is specially designed for amateur and professional photographers. How are you going to benefit? You can add multiple [...]
Bytescout Watermarking Pro integrates with Windows Explorer so you can select and add watermarks directly from ExplorerOpen Pictures folderThen select one or more pictures using the mouse:Then right-click and select "Add watermark using Bytescout Watermarking" menu itemBytescout Watermarking will appear:Click Next to set watermark settings:Click Next to add watermarks to the selected picturesWatermarked pictures will be saved into My PicturesMy Watermarked Pictures folder:
Watermarking version comparision tableBenefitsWatermarking (freeware)Watermarking PROBatch processing of images and photo files as inputYesYesJPG, TIF, GIF, PNG images format supportYesYesWindows Explorer right-click integration to add watermark from Explorer's context menuYesYesPreview watermark on every step before actually change a source imageYesYesLot of ready to use watermark typesYes (10 types)Yes (20+ types)Filename stamp watermark typeYesYesDatetime stamp watermark typeYesYesLogo with image watermark typeYesYes10+ different stamps watermark typeYesYesAdjustable color for watermark text or stampYesYesAdjustable transparency for watermarksNoYesAbility to select [...]
Bytescout Watermarking provides set of ready-to-use watermark types so all you need is to set input pictures and enter your text and logo image and then select watermark type (text, vertical text, text with logo and other)Watermarking PRO version for the professional use is also available (see the comparision table)The Watermarking software also provides a way to adjust default properties like font face, margins, watermark placement (the location of a watermark on the source image). [...]