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QR Code BarCode Generator Business License QR Code Generator is a desktop tool that helps you create QR codes from any available input (messages, URLs, or emails). You are free to store this data, share, or embed them.   Business License main benefits: Fetch info to create your QR codes from any kind of data; Check the incoming information and make structured QR codes swiftly; Available sources: VCard, URL, SMS, email, messages; The program is fully [...]
Convert PowerPoint (PPT) to WMV or AVI video with all animations, video and sounds preserved
Key Benefits: PPT To Video Scout converts PowerPoint presentations to AVI or WMV video with sound; Converts PowerPoint to video for Website (PPT to HTML page with video player for your own website); Converts PowerPoint to YouTube ready video; Keeps all original animations, effects, videos of PowerPoint presentations. More benefits: Supported video formats: WMV, AVI, lossless AVI and other external codecs (DivX and other); Supported conversion modes: Normal (as viewed by F5 in PowerPoint), Automatic [...]
Todo List ByteScout ToDo List Organizer for desktop is a great utility to organize your daily tasks in a single place. It is easy-to-use and effective. List all of your existing tasks and choose their status as pending or complete. Business License main benefits: Fast and easy tool with a brilliant performance; Unlimited usage on a daily basis; User-friendly and comfortable interface; Quick installation and extensive integration possible. Get your Business License HERE. For personal use [...]
Word Counter Business License Check ByteScout Word Counter tool available for businesses and perfect to be used at a company level. The program is easily compatible with common tools for the edition. Business License main benefits: easy word counting of any text; detailed character counting for multiple uses; sentence counting of the selected paragraphs; text analysis for writing and editing. Get your Business License HERE.  If are going to run the program for personal use only, you can see [...]
Synonyms Finder Business License Check ByteScout Synonyms Finder available for businesses and easy-to-use on an enterprise level. The tool is completely compatible with common editing tools.   Business License main benefits: Discover more synonyms with our great tool; Smooth and speedy dictionary of synonyms; A high range of synonyms for any case; Create fresh and unique content. Get your Business License HERE. If you'd like to run the program for personal use only, you can check our free program [...]
Timesheet Tool ByteScout TimeSheet Tool (business user license) works smoothly to help you organize the working days and weeks. The program is quick and has a friendly interface. It does the following tasks for you:   Main program features: You can check in/check out your hours worked every day; You will simply remove your break time to have a clear result; It is easy to calculate the wages according to your current  rate; Adding overtime hours is available; Keep [...]
Lines Sorting Tool Business License Check ByteScout Lines Sorting tool available for businesses and simple to use on a company level. The program is compatible with popular editing tools. Business License main benefits: alphabetical sorting; duplicate lines cleaning and removal; fast text randomization; empty strings cleaning and removal; text capitalization; spaces trimming. Get your Business License HERE. If you'd like to run the program for personal use only, you can check our free program version. The tool is available [...]
ByteScout SPREADSHEET TOOL The program helps you to complete different tasks where Excel is needed. You may use it for yourself - it is totally FREE. If you need it for commercial purposes, you should acquire our license. If you'd like a broader set of functions, check our Spreadsheet SDK. The program helps you to operate with ODT, CSV, XLS and XLSX documents by reading, writing, editing them as you like. You don't need any extra software installed - it [...]
ByteScout Image to Video GUI tool for businesses This program is great for converting Image to Video easily and fast. It is available for commercial purposes.   Business License main benefits: provides more than 100+ of 2D and 3D slide transition effects and options to generate video slideshow; supports JPG, PNG, BMP image input; enables setting slide duration, in and out effects duration as well as transition effect type; enables users to add an audio [...]
XLS Viewer Business License The tool is made for companies to allow working with XLS files and to facilitate daily tasks.   Business License main benefits: XLS, XLSX files viewing without Excel; ODS data viewing without Open Office installed. The program can totally work with most common documents like XLS, XLSX and ODS. It helps open and view Excel documents and Open Office documents without any software pre-installed. Moreover, it supports export into HTML format (.html). The tool [...]