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Change the world with ByteScout: our tools were used in a research school project!

At ByteScout, we support research and non-profit projects. In particular, we are interested in projects that fight against cancer – we are happy to provide our free licenses for their needs. If you want to change the world, we’re happy to send you a free SDK license. You can apply here.

If you’re curious, read the story of how a non-profit changed the world with ByteScout.

Below is a video of a research school project.

This is one of the examples of how ByteScout tools were used in educational projects.

Learn more about the details from David who did the project:

I have just completed my A-level computer science in a secondary school in the UK. We were required to choose a problem and to create a project that solves it. I chose to make an emulation of a real life card game. This was very different to what my peers were undertaking.  I made the emulation imitate the rules and methods of the game of play.

My main aim was to incorporate the real life cards into the emulation. This was more difficult than I originally anticipated. I tried unsuccessfully to find a cheap RFID device.

After a long period of deliberation, I realized that a QR system would best enable me to achieve my aim. I searched for a QR system and found Bytescout. They agreed to let me use their QR code reader and their software enabled me to successfully incorporate real life cards into my emulation. Bytescout’s QR reader worked perfectly within my system. Their software was the key thing which set my project apart, in terms of quality and capability, from my fellow students.

I have never undertaken such a project before, it is the first time that I have had to use an outside DLL. I found this difficult. However, anytime I faced an issue which I couldn’t work out how to resolve, Bytescout’s support team would quickly help in any way that they could. They even went so far as to edit the QR reader so that it would best suit my specific emulation.

Numerous videos of my emulation were placed on YouTube that shows my project in action. Feel free to watch them and you can see how easy it was to use Bytescouts QR reader in my project. I wish to say many thanks to Bytescout for letting me use their fantastic software which enabled my project to be a success.

Moreover, ByteScout offers products and solutions for businesses and industries of any size. Check our Blog for more stories!


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