February 2018

TOP-50 Big Data Providers & Datasets in Machine Learning
Big dataset providers are now fantastically popular and growing exponentially every day. We’re going to evaluate a variety of datasets and Big Data providers ideal for machine learning and data mining research projects in order to illustrate the astonishing diversity of data freely available online today. We will also demonstrate a technique of machine learning with a code sample in Python which shows how to use one of the most popular Big Data hosts. Along [...]
Machine Learning Demystified – Myths and Reality
Popular technology writers inaccurately conflate machine learning and artificial intelligence. Machine learning code is certainly a crucial subset of artificial intelligence code but we cannot count machine learning alone as artificial intelligence. AI is a much broader field which involves expression beyond simply recognizing and mimicking human speech and identifying a person in a photo which really is the current state of ML. Deep learning projects are increasingly specialized techniques of ML which often combine [...]
Check New Versions of ByteScout Products
Bytescout PDF Extractor SDK This new version appeared on January 22, 2018. Here are major performance improvements: The following was fixed: OCR preprocessing filters were not applied if input document is an image; PDF Multitool: image preprocessing filters were fixed in "Find Text" dialog; TableDetector now provides detected cells information for ColumnDetectionMode.BorderedTables (see FoundTableCells property); XMLExtractor: Added annotations extraction; XMLExtractor: Object coordinates in XML are fractional now for better precision (were integer); Improved support for encrypted [...]
Ethereum: Distributed Turing Machine with Blockсhain Protection
This is the continuation of Blockchain Inside Out in Simple Words where basic ideas of blockchain technology - transaction pool, block chains, and mining, were explained. I’d recommend everyone not familiar with these terms read that post first. The following article is more complicated, with programming terminology and links to the first article. Ethereum is the second most popular blockchain project in the world and looks like the most interesting from technical point of view. Bitcoin, the [...]