June 2017

How to Generate a PDF with JQuery
Saving web page content is a useful function to be able to integrate to your site and a very common requirement in web development. PDF documents are the easiest and most portable way to save this content. Many people have the misconception that Javascript cannot be used for generating PDFs and that PDFs can only be generated from the server side; this is not true, and jQuery can allow you to place this power in [...]
jQuery Shortcuts – a Few of the Best
It’s said that necessity is the mother of invention – and the emergence of jQuery in the world of web development is a great example of this. The majority of JavaScript’s libraries were rolled out to improve the productivity and performance of web systems. Developers were having a hard time in dealing with compatibility issues between JavaScript and browser APIs in various web browsers, and jQuery emerged as a solution to this problem: an environment [...]
Zapier Bytescout API Integration: Convert PDF to CSV – Use Case
Converting a PDF to CSV ByteScout Tools Zapier integration is now available! Learn more about Cloud API for Zapier. This can be kicked off by any number of file-oriented triggers. One way to approach is to create a Zap that is triggered using Email by Zapier. When a new email is received, Zapier can create the file inside of a specified Dropbox folder. This workflow will already add value to accounts receivable team by ensuring [...]
Zapier and ByteScout API Integration: Barcode Reading Use Case
Introduction ByteScout Tools Zapier integration is now available! Learn more about Cloud API for Zapier. Inventive tools and APIs from ByteScout organize safe files and image handling. Read an extensive information about RESTful API efficient functions and integration. Zapier is an outstanding iPaaS provider of more than 750 stock connectors to Dropbox, Salesforce, Google Drive, etc. “Webhooks” represents a Zapier connector and has a perfect performance. This is a REST client functionality that improves connection to the system [...]
How to Choose an Open-Source SQL Option
SQL is powerful, and SQL is useful, and that’s large because of SQL’s incredible adaptability. That adaptability means SQL can almost be everything to all people; and as well as being very positive, that can be a problem. Open-source SQL is robust enough that choosing the wrong option won’t wreck your development process, but it can lead to time-consuming hacks. You can save a lot of time by choosing the right open-source SQL option up [...]
Bytescout Released Product Updates in June 2017!
Bytescout products acquired new incredible functions for smooth and productive work. As we usually post updates on the Blog, you can check previous versions here. In June, there was a new update release. Check the list of product news: Barcode Reader SDK The decoding has multiple threads now; Performance has subsequent improvements; Linear barcodes can be worked in two directions initially: from left to right and vice-versa; PDF417 decoding has got small fixes; Old ClientProfile [...]
Zapier and ByteScout API Integration: Barcode Generation Use Case
Introduction ByteScout Tools Zapier integration is now available! Learn more about Cloud API for Zapier. ByteScout offers innovative software and tools in order to provide image and document handling. Find more about RESTful API powerful functionality and integration. Zapier is a prominent iPaaS provider that has over 750 stock connectors to the following services: Salesforce, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. In the below tutorials, one of Zapier connectors called “Webhooks” will be used. It is mostly considered [...]
Change the world with ByteScout: Screen Capturing SDK for video tutorials
ByteScout tools offer a great flexibility to projects and businesses they are used for. Since 2012, ByteScout has provided non-profit organizations with free licenses. You can read a story about ByteScout used in a school research project or a record of how ByteScout changed the world. You are welcome to apply - click here. Below, find a story about PresentationTube project where Screen Capturing SDK from ByteScout was used. This non-profit organization is dedicated to professors, teachers [...]
Bytescout Mobile Scan App Introduction
Mobile devices are drastically changing everything – from the way we carry on business transactions to the way we shop for our groceries. They are quickly replacing the need to have desktops or laptops, and are now the computing platform of choice for many businesses and consumers alike. While digital document management has become a larger part of the way in which companies and individuals conduct their business, there is still a degree of authenticity [...]
Change the world with ByteScout: our tools were used in a research school project!
At ByteScout, we support research and non-profit projects. In particular, we are interested in projects that fight against cancer - we are happy to provide our free licenses for their needs. If you want to change the world, we're happy to send you a free SDK license. You can apply here. If you're curious, read the story of how a non-profit changed the world with ByteScout. Below is a video of a research school project. This [...]