ByteScout  updated Screen Capturing SDK 2.50.947 – now with WEBM video output and multiple monitors support improved and 
Spreadsheet SDK 2.45.1473 – now with improved XLS and XLSX formats support, improved formula calculations on November, 2015.

What’s new Screen Capturing SDK 2.50.947:
  • screen video recording improved
  • WebM output support added
  • unexpected crash when used on Windows 7 and higher fixed
  • important bug-fixes improving the stability of the SDK
  • monitor selection added (see .MonitorIndex and .MonitorCount)
  • minor bug-fixes.

More info about ByteScout Screen Capturing SDK

What’s new Spreadsheet SDK 2.45.1473:
  • improved support for XLSX writing and reading, XLS reading and writing
  • improved support for damaged XLSX files
  • improved Import and export methods
  • HLOOKUP and VLOOKUP calculation fixed
  • EOMONTH support added
  • support for Visual Studio 2015 added
  • XLSX with duplicating worksheets improved
  • CF.NET compatibility fixed
  • PDF output improved
  • Natural Language References support improved in formulas