July 2015

Everyday PDF Tools

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Adobe PDF is perhaps the best method of sharing documents. All the documents are read only and no matter which platform you use for formatting that. All the devices, both computer and mobile, can open any Adobe files. Following are some of the best PDF tools which allow you to use PDF files effectively. Adobe Reader:

Landing Page Creation Services

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Landing page is an important cog in a conversation chain. Most people set lofty goals for their landing pages but majority of them fail due to one main reason. They don’t know where to start from. Thankfully, you don’t have to be a developer or learn any programming skills to create really mind-blowing landing pages.

Bootstrap And Alternatives

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Bootstrap is one of the most popular front end development frameworks for building web sites and web applications. Hugely popular among both developers and designers, Bootstrap comes with global Cascade Style Sheet (CSS) settings with extensible classes and components like navigation, typography and much more. Bootstrap How Bootstrap Was Developed: Jacob Thornton and Marc Otto

Online Code Editors

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Online code editors are a fun and easy way to write codes in hypertext and style languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and PHP etc. The online editors are also commonly referred to as Integrated Development Environments (IDE) and are available on internet for free. They also allow you to share the code with others

Technical Support Question: How can I Read Excel files with ASP.NET?

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We like any questions from our users, here is one of the most interesting cases (the ByteScout Spreadsheet SDK software).I’m using the spreadsheet SDK and can’t figure out how to read excel with asp.net. Great question, here’s the source code for C#. using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Text; using Bytescout.Spreadsheet;...... // Create new Spreadsheet object

Learn Programming: Opinions wanted: Java or C#?

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Do you need some comments to this question? Here is a short discussion topic, probably, it can be helpful before starting programming.– Would C# benefit someone more instead of JAVA if they already had an understanding about network technology like Microsoft? Which would you recommend in terms of job fulfillment? There have been comments that

Programming Learning: Free programming courses and apps for kids (Part 2)

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The 1st part is here. Cargo-Bot – iOS APP https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cargo-bot/id519690804?mt=8An app that teaches children the foundation of programming concepts through a game like platform. Alice – Software – Windows/Mac/Linux http://www.alice.org/index.phpAlice uses an interactive programming environment to teach the creation of 3D animations. Game Salad– Software – ALL Major Platfoms http://gamesalad.comA downloadable software that teaches children