ByteScout  updated Screen Capturing SDK 2.10.832 and Spreadsheet SDK 2.40.1358 on September 9, 2014.

What’s new Screen Capturing SDK 2.10.832:

  • text overlay now supports date and time macros while used with web cam overlay;
  • audio recording is enabled by default;
  • better handling of missing audio hardware errors;
  • minor internal memory management improvements;
  • custom WMV profile sample added;
  • Java source code sample added;
  • .net source code samples updated;
  • low FPS recording with WMV and Windows Media Video 9 Screen codec source code samples added;
  • minor improvements.

What’s new Spreadsheet SDK 2.40.1358:

  • improved handling of incorrect formula values calculating; 
  • CSV to XLS samples updated;
  • improved XLS format handling;
  • license updated;
  • minor fixes.
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