ByteScout team worked hard in March, 2014 and released 4 new versions software for developers:
  1. BarCode Reader SDK
  2. BarCode Reader freeware
  3. PDF Extractor SDK 3.40.1349
  4. PDF To HTML SDK 3.40.1339

What’s new BarCode Reader SDK 7.00.1109:

  • new Postnet (1D) and MicroPDF (2D) barcodes support added;
  • new WIAImageScanner class is available through ActiveX/COM;
  • PDF support improved. Interleaved 2 of 5 and 2D barcodes reading improved;
  • the issue with reading first barcode only from PDF documents and some minor bugs were fixed;
  • new source code samples: ASP.NETBarcodes from Live WebCam (C#) to show how to read barcodes in web application from live web cam added.
Evaluation version BarCode Reader SDK 7.00.1109 download:

What’s new in BarCode Reader 7.00.1109 freeware:

  • supports new Postnet (1D) and MicroPDF (2D) barcodes;
  • PDF support improved;
  • interleaved 2/5 barcodes and 2-D barcodes support improved;
  • some minor bugs fixed.
More info and BarCode Reader freeware download link at:

What’s new PDF Extractor SDK 3.40.1349:

  • improved stability of the text extraction;
  • issue with the very last text line missing in some PDF files fixed;
  • tables with empty cells are handled better now;
  • issue with incorrect extraction of overlapped text objects fixed;
  • issue with missing spaces between words in some files fixed;
  • issue with incorrect X coordinate returned while searching with extraction area defined;
  • minor bug-fixes and improvements.

What’s new PDF To HTML SDK 3.40.1339:

  • Documentation for the API updated and included now into the SDK;
  • Improved text processing in PDF;
  • Improved PDF reading support;
  • Minor bug-fixes.