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How to parse with OCR in VBScript and VB6 and ByteScout Document Parser SDK

How to parse with OCR in VBScript and VB6

These source code samples are listed and grouped by their programming language and functions they use. What is ByteScout Document Parser SDK? It is the template based data extraction engine can process thousands and millions of documents per day based on templates. Can work online and offline for privacy focused tasks. Templates can be supported and updated without any programming or technical knowledge required. Output is generated in JSON, CSV, XML and custom format if required. It can help you to parse with OCR in your VBScript and VB6 application.

This rich sample source code in VBScript and VB6 for ByteScout Document Parser SDK includes the number of functions and options you should do calling the API to parse with OCR. This VBScript and VB6 sample code is all you need for your app. Just copy and paste the code, add references (if needs to) and you are all set! Enjoy writing a code with ready-to-use sample VBScript and VB6 codes.

ByteScout free trial version is available for download from our website. It includes all these programming tutorials along with source code samples.

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' This example demonstrates parsing of scanned documents ' using the Optical Character Recognition (OCR). template = "..\..\_Sample Templates\DigitalOcean.yml" inputDocument = "..\..\DigitalOcean-scanned.jpg" ' Create and activate DocumentParser object Set documentParser = CreateObject("Bytescout.DocumentParser.DocumentParser") documentParser.RegistrationName = "demo" documentParser.RegistrationKey = "demo" ' Enable Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in Auto mode ' (DocumentParser automatically detects if OCR Is required). documentParser.OCRMode = 1 ' OCRMode.Auto ' Set PDF document rendering resolution documentParser.OCRResolution = 300 ' Set the location of OCR language data files documentParser.OCRLanguageDataFolder = "c:\Program Files\ByteScout Document Parser SDK\ocrdata" ' Set OCR language ' "eng" for english, "deu" for German, "fra" for French, etc. - according to files in "ocrdata" folder documentParser.OCRLanguage = "eng" ' Find more language files at ' Note: The OCRLanguage can be overridden in a template. ' See the Template Creation Guide. ' You can also apply various preprocessing filters ' to improve the recognition on low-quality scans. ' Automatically deskew skewed scans 'documentParser.OCRImagePreprocessingFilters.AddDeskew() ' Remove vertical or horizontal lines (sometimes helps to avoid OCR engine's page segmentation errors) 'documentParser.OCRImagePreprocessingFilters.AddVerticalLinesRemover() 'documentParser.OCRImagePreprocessingFilters.AddHorizontalLinesRemover() ' Repair broken letters 'documentParser.OCRImagePreprocessingFilters.AddDilate() ' Remove noise 'documentParser.OCRImagePreprocessingFilters.AddMedian() ' Apply Gamma Correction 'documentParser.OCRImagePreprocessingFilters.AddGammaCorrection(1.4) ' Add Contrast 'documentParser.OCRImagePreprocessingFilters.AddContrast(20) ' Load template documentParser.AddTemplate(template) ' Parse document data in JSON format documentParser.ParseDocument inputDocument, "output.json", 0 ' 0 = OutputFormat.JSON WScript.Echo "Parsed data saved as 'output.json'" Set documentParser = Nothing

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