Testimonial - PDF SDK

I have been using the trial version in a new project for both the creation of customer Invoices and now tabular reports.I like this product and the low price is very good - many other PDF product cost way too much. I have now purchased ByteScout PDF SDK. My favorite feature is ease of use - just a quick look at the VB.NET sample and I could make a document in a few minutes. --Louis

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Testimonial - Watermarking

Thank you very much. I am very impressed with how much you have done to improve this program since I tried the very early beta version (Bytescout Watermarking Pro).--Ken De Pree.

Testimonial - Watermarking Pro

I'd say the novice learning curve on your Watermarking Pro is less than 2 minutes. It's a rare experience to install a new program and two minutes later have usable, complete output as a result. Congratulations on a fine program! --Tom B.

PDFDoc Scout SDK - Testimonial

After I used the Demo version of PDFDoc Scout, I think it is very useful and help me to develop my application with creating PDF file. So I suggested my company to buy this software and it did. Thanks.--Leeann Guo

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Testimonial - RSS2HTMLPro

Great piece of code I must say! (RSS2HTMLPro.asp script) -- Mark Lukens

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Testimonial - SWF Scout SDK

Thank you for all the great support with my prototyping. Your comments have been dead-on and very informative. This is a great product with superb service! Since I was told that SWF Scout only really supports Flash Lite 1.1, but that I could try setting to version 6 or 7, I thought you would want my results.

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Testimonial - Bytescout PDF

Thanks for your positive support. Do have to admit this is really cool software (Bytescout.PDF), and suport as always to great to work with -- Mike W. Ridgeway

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Testimonial - SWF To Image

"ByteScout (SWF To Image) worked great, and the support was excellent. I was looking for sometime for a way to manipulate flash and the product installed with no hassles. I needed a little C# explaination and the support staff provided me the help I needed to get going within 24 hours. --Jamie Thain, Igility

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Testimonial - RSS2HTMLPro.asp

I've worked with many companies over the years and your customer service was extraordinary - thank you so much! -- Kate

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Testimonial - Bytescout PDF SDK

Great. Everything works as promised. The Bytescout PDF SDK .NET library is now saving us weeks of work on each project. --Tom Thomas, Inmerge

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