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BarCode Reader Works Perfectly

We’re very happy, I quickly sum up why (sorry, it sound a bit like a commercial, but its the facts):
For a year, we’re having a small helper application in place for a few of our customers who originally used a competitor QR-Reader. Unfortunately, due to a very low recognition rate as well as performance issues, we had lots of complaints about the application being unreliable.
So we’ve decided to look for a better product and have found the ByteScout solution. Since switching to the Barcode Reader, there aren’t any QR Code-related issues anymore and users can finally use our application as expected. As I’m the one who has to handle the reported issues / investigate, I can confirm that we haven’t had a single complaint from any of our customers since we’ve installed our new version. I’m certain that it will stay that way.
Also, we’re very happy with your support: They helped us get the correct license and supported us in a friendly, competent, and quick manner.

Bryan S.
Itegrity AG