BarCode SDK Testimonial

You folks are AWSOME!!! Great control! You have a unique function here I could not find anywhere else that works.
-- Scott

- Watermarking Pro - Testimonial

Of all the watermark programs I've bought, and tried, I do like this one
the best. I process thousands of classic car photos, and have had some of
them borrowed, (Aheem!) and put on Ebay for sale. The necessity of
protecting my photos, and also not locking them up in flash programs to keep
them from being stolen, is a fine line. If I can't allow search engines
access, I lose a lot of publicity, if I can't allow people the luxury of
downloading them off websites, they get unhappy as they like to compare them

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-PPT To Video Scout - Testimonial

So far so good - I used the trial for a 30 second test run,
and the results were good enough that I decided to buy the software. I
converted to WMV video and the resulting picture was virtually identical to
the original PowerPoint show.
-- Douglas

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-PDF Extactor SDK - Testimonial

I did test several PDF textextractors before purchasing PDF Extractor from Bytescout. The reason I choose the PDF Extractor was the ability of the product to follow columns in complicated PDF pages. --Sven-Olov

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-BarCode Reader SDK - Testimonial

It is reliable, reasonable fast barcode reader 100% managed code .NET library - no problems, memory leaks etc.  The library is used in WCF service which is providing barcode reading functionality - and it is the only one and the best functionality I need. It does everything I need at this moment. --Roberto

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Bytescout Spreadsheet SDK - Testimonial

We have used both the web version and the windows version. Its fast stable
and easy to
use. We use Bytescout to populate existing spreadsheets with data from a
database, Bytescout is one of the only components we could find that would
consistently open an XLSX spreadsheet without erroring. -- Paul

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You guys are awesome -- it is a pleasure working with ByteScout. --Rob

- Watermarking Pro - Testimonial

The product does well what I needed. It can have many uses and I like because is not overcomplicated. --Giuseppe

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-PPT To Video Scout - Testimonial

I have really enjoyed using the product. It is a nice way to convert PPT to
seamlessly.We use the product to create what we call a staff e-Board. We take Power
Point presentations which have key either key information, staff
announcements, etc and convert them to video. Multiple videos are then
selected to play continuously via Windows Media player on a large screen TV