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How to convert CSV to XLS with Bytescout Spreadsheet Tools Tutorial

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Tutorial: convert CSV to XLS, XLSX with Bytescout Spreadsheet Tools
This tutorial explains how to batch convert Comma Delimited Text files CSV to Excel spreadsheet files XLS, XLSX
Launch Bytescout Spreadsheet Tools and click Add files, Add folder or Add folder with subfolders button.

  • Add files button allows adding one or multiple Excel files to convert.
  • Add folder button allows adding folder to convert all spreadsheet files it contains.
  • Add folder with subfolders button allows adding folder with multiple subfolders and convert CSV to XLSX or XLS files retaining folders structure.
You can batch convert CSV to Excel files. Bytescout Spreadsheet Tools CSV converter also lets you simultaneously convert CSV files and files of other formats. Spreadsheet Tools software converts XLS, XLSX, ODS, CSV and TXT formats.

Batch convert CSV with Spreadsheet Tools

After adding CSV files to conversion list, you can view them by clicking View button or Alt+V hotkey or click Next button to proceed to converter options. To convert CSV to Excel files, select XLS or XLSX (for Office 2007) output formats.
Please note that Excel or other spreadsheet software is not required for viewing files as well as for converting CSV to XLS.
Then select Output folder for result Excel files. You can also save your CSV conversion preferences for future use with Save profile button. Profiles can be loaded later and you won’t have to set the same preferences again.
When everything is done, click Start! button.

Convert CSV XLS with Spreadsheet Tools

You’ll see the progress bar and current status of CSV to XLS conversion. When the status is ‘Done!’, select one of the following options: explore the output folder, start wizard again or close wizard.
The speed of CSV to Excel conversion is fast even for a big batch of files because Bytescout Spreadsheet Tools uses its own engine to convert CSV to spreadsheet.

CSV conversion complete, exit spreadsheet converter

To see result files, select ‘Explore the output folder’. This will open the folder with converted Excel files. Now you can view and edit these XLS or XLSX files in MS Excel.

CSV to XLS, CSV to XLSX converted files