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New product updates from Bytescout !

Here are the new program updates from Bytescout. We love developers, and our products get better every time!

Bytescout PDF Extractor SDK

(updated on March, 6)

Now you can remove text from PDF documents with a new feature – Remover class;

You can now use InfoExtractor in order to read custom document properties;

Extracting document images with XMLExtractor and JSONExtractor and embedding them as a Base64 string is now available;

Check Unwrap property that affects text in table cells;

AttachmentExtractor: you can extract attachments and create a portfolio with Microsoft Outlook;

OptimizeSplittedDocuments property is fixed and improved.

ByteScout PDF Renderer SDK

(updated on March, 6)

Enjoy new performance improvements and improved Type3 fonts;

You can now toggle the rendering of images, vectors, and texts with the updated VectorRenderer;

Other minor improvements and bug corrections.


(updated on March 06)

You can now try the updated HTMLExtractor in PlainHTML mode;

Find more performance improvements, fixing of bugs.

ByteScout PDF Viewer SDK

(updated on March 06)

Find more rendering of improved Type3 fonts;

Check for more bug corrections and improvements.

ByteScout PDF Multitool

(updated on March 12)

Added new features on splitting and document optimization;

PDF rendering is made better;

Unwrap property now works for the text in table cells;

Text extraction process is improved: lines grouping in table cells;

Convert to HTML function is made better with a possibility to reflow the PDF text;

A new tool “Remove text” is added.

Barcode Reader SDK

(updated on March 09)

You can test decoding of 180° rotated DataMatrix, now performing better than befor;

Check API for image preprocessing filters, freshly updated;

Enjoy image preprocessing filters added recently – Scale, Auto-cropping;

See enhanced color conversion for better barcodes decoding from photo images;

VideoCameraModule is now updated.

Spreadsheet SDK

(updated on March 07)

WinFormsControl – this feature is updated;

You can find more improvements of previous bugs.

Barcode Reader Freeware

(updated on March 09)

Find improved the following features – decoding of 180° rotated DataMatrix, Heuristic Mode, VideoCameraModule;

Check new improvements of Code39 decoder and more bug corrections.

We keep working on updating our products to introduce new features and make them work smoothly!


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