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ByteScout has a friendly team of developers, writers, and marketing specialists. We are constantly looking for new freelancers ready to become a part of ByteScout team and to make our products better, faster and even more useful for developers.

CONTACT US if you’d like to join us and have the skills we are looking for.


Here are our current vacancies:

IT-EVANGELIST: a freelancer/developer with a technical background (in particular, PDF and Barcodes) who will work on the following websites and help developers to solve their problems: stackoverflow, github, codeverge, codeproject,,, c-sharpcorner, codeplex, devexpress,, codeguru.

SALES MANAGER: a person responsible for communication with our clients, providing updates and supports and telling more about main features of our products.

WORDPRESS EXPERT: an expert in managing WP and its plugins who can introduce any changes creatively and independently and suggest ideas about the website improvement.

TECHNICAL WRITER: a technically advanced professional who can write articles about JavaScript, SQL, Node.js, React.js, VisualStudio and more.


ByteScout is an expert in Blockchain and Machine Learning. Currently, we are looking for EXPERT writers in these industries:

EXPERT IN BLOCKCHAIN: a writer with an extensive background in blockchain and example articles about blockchain written for developers.

EXPERT IN ML: a developer writer particularly experienced in machine learning technology.


Searching for Writers


Read more about how to submit your articles and tips at ByteScout. We are looking for fresh ideas to improve our Blog and make it more professional and interesting for beginners and advanced programmers. If you have a new topic in mind that has never been published before or is very popular and hot at the moment, don’t hesitate to CONTACT US.