Expand and Collapse Elements in JavaScript
JavaScript is a client side scripting language that runs in browser. Often you would have seen animations on your websites even If they are disconnected from the server. The reason is that all the JavaScript code is sent to the browser by the server and browser is responsible for interpreting and displaying corresponding animations. In this article we are going to see how we can make a simple expand/collapse menu using JavaScript. Let’s jump straight [...]
Online Code Editors
Online code editors are a fun and easy way to write codes in hypertext and style languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and PHP etc. The online editors are also commonly referred to as Integrated Development Environments (IDE) and are available on internet for free. They also allow you to share the code with others using saved URL codes. is one of the most powerful and popular online code editors to write, run [...]
Are there some of your questions how to start game developing below?"I'm interested in learning a programming language with the ultimate goal of making a multi-player game.I'm leaning towards development Javascript, because it seems like many online games write their games in it. My question is what else will I have to learn in regards to programming to get this made? The game will be mostly text based and easy on animation."If so, we have [...]
Programming Learning: Beginner Javascript – How to add comments to your code
Commenting your code may seem arbitrary, but doing so while you're writing your code may just save you lots of time and frustration when you need to look back through your code and understand your thought process at the time. What type of comments does JavaScript support? Multiple-line C-style comments, One-line comments of C++ style, and One-line comments with the HTML comment-opening sequence. What are C-style comments? Everything within /* and */ is a comment. [...]
What Language to Focus on? (New Progamming Languages Since 2000). Part 2
read the first part here 2. Scala was introduced in 2003 by Martin Odersky, and while it is not particularly new, interest in it is growing. Scala stands for “scalable language” and is designed to be just that: Scala can be used for small programs or applications at very large scale, where JavaScript falters. A key reason for this is that you can optimize the code to work with the audience. Another great advantage for [...]
If you are a developer looking to increase their experience and professional appeal, then you know that learning a new language is always a good strategy. However, how does someone choose what language to focus on when the options are so plentiful? Here’s one piece of advice to consider: While there are new languages springing up all the time, most are derivatives of open source projects, thus disappear quickly. If you see a new programming [...]
ByteScout updated developer library PDF Generator SDK for JavaScript 1.12.125.What's new PDF Generator SDK for JS 1.12.125:German special characters (also known as Umlaut) supporting fixed;improved checks against control characters in input text;support for some Android PDF viewers improved: was incorrectly wrapping text lines which caused incorrect placement while viewed on some Android devices;minor fixes.
Following are some of the best android apps which any software developer can use and take advantage of. A Google Play link has been given for each app, where you can find more detail about the app.AndFTPAndFTP is a cool FTP client application for android which can be used to transfer files from webserver. Using this application you can set up FTP server and then can you can see your file on your device and [...]
read the first part hereThe Initial SlumpHowever, despite of these phenomenal benefits, this new file format was very slow to take off and garner immediate popularity among designers. One of the biggest reasons to this very slow journey to success is was that the Adobe Reader was a paid application initially. Secondly, many people were simply not prepared to think out of the box and failed to recognize the endless opportunities that this new file [...]
The abbreviation PDF stands for Portable Document Format that is a multi-format file format developed by Adobe Systems. PDF captures formatted documents such as images, fonts, document texts and even does formatting of documents from variety of Desktop Publishing Applications. The greatest advantage of PDF is that it contains color-accurate information, it prints the documents as it is as they appear on your screen. You need Adobe reader, free software distributed by Adobe Systems to [...]