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Javascript Programming Cheat Sheet for Beginners
Javascript, or popularly JS, is a text-based programming language. It is popularly used both for front-end and backend programming for client-side and server-side programming. The language is common;y used to impart an interactive element that allows the users to engage with the web pages. In addition, the language is used for updating content, controlling multimedia, and also for animating images. Javascript allows for creating dynamic and interactive pages by web developers. It is an easy-to-learn [...]
TOP-12 JavaScript Advanced Interview Questions
You can easily bolster your chances of success if you prepare judiciously. Be it an interview or an examination hall. You need prudence and clever preparation tricks, and these both are pretty achievable. Below mentioned are some questions that can prove to be of immense help in your following interview.  Q.1 Define the specific role of “Close()” in JavaScript? Ans. The role of “Close()” is quite imperative in JavaScript since it helps the user in [...]
Introduction to the Rollup.js JavaScript Bundler
Are you someone who loves JavaScript? If you do, you should also know that there are plenty of frameworks and libraries to learn and explore. That’s why, today, we are going to take a look at the Rollup.js JavaScript bundler. As from the name itself, you can know that it is a JavaScript bundler. It is an alternative to Browserify and webpack. So, let’s get started. What is Rollup.js? Rollup.js(also Rollup) takes module bundling to [...]
How JQuery is Replaced with Vue.js
What is JQuery? JQuery is one of the most used and extendable JavaScript libraries. The main principle of JQuery is known commonly as “Write less, Do more.” Many prominent organizations use JQuery for their website optimization like Goggle, Microsoft, IBM, and Netflix. The benefit of using JQuery is to optimize the use of JavaScript on websites. It helps to wrap up numerous lines of code into a simple task for a better experience. It helps [...]
RPA vs JavaScript Programming
The technology world is full of surprises. Of course, we all understand that remodeling a business composition isn’t always worthwhile. It needs a lot of improvement and a lot of investment (time and money). You may not have the leisure to develop from the ground up. That’s when computer science enters with amazing tools like RPA or programming benefits like JavaScript. Let’s take a look at the difference between RPA and JavaScript. What is RPA? [...]
Basics of Using API in Javascript
The web development world is incomplete without Javascript as it has evolved from an essential add-on to a robust tool for developers in web development. It does not only work on the front or back-end but on both ends to create a prosperous website or application. Additionally, as the users need mechanisms to create a communication channel between their front-end and back-end, they create API endpoints to serve this purpose. Table of Contents: What is [...]
Blazor and JavaScript Interop
Although Web Assembly has the ability to end our dependence on JavaScript, JavaScript won't go away anytime soon. There's still a lot of stuff Web Assembly just can't do, particularly DOM manipulation. If you run the Blazor server side, you don't even have Web Assembly as a choice. So how are we going to cope with this problem? The solution to this is JavaScript interop. If we can't do what we need to use.NET code [...]
Introduction to JSX – Ultimate Tutorial
JavaScript is synonymous with the web. If you are into web development, then you already know that there are plenty of JavaScript libraries, frameworks, and solutions. In this tutorial, we are going to explore one more facet of JavaScript, the JavaScript XML which is popularly known as JSX. JSX is mostly used to write React-based applications. However, you are free to use JSX in your vanilla JavaScript app, but it is not necessary. The first [...]
List of CLI Commands for Angular, React, Vue
Technology is driving today's world. Many new technologies, programming languages are responsible for various pathbreaking software applications. This post is all about CLI commands of Angular, React, and Vue. Angular is Google's child, while React is created by Facebook and Vue is an open-source project. Angular CLI commands Angular CLI is one command-line tool that is used to start, create, structure, and support Angular applications. Following are the Angular commands: config: It is the most [...]
Internationalization with React
Internationalization aka i18n is a concept that refers to the development of user interfaces in different languages. The major benefit of supporting multiple languages is that it expands our reach. But, sometimes we are even required to support a specific language. For example, government websites are mostly using the national/local language of their country. Recently, JavaScript has emerged as the most popular language for the web, mobile, desktop, and even game development. So, today we [...]