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Blitz.JS: The Next Best JS Framework
JavaScript Frameworks According to a developer’s survey, JavaScript is the most commonly used language. The developers use JavaScript, HTML, and CSS as the core technologies when developing a web application. Various other development environments utilize the JavaScript platform, such as Adobe Acrobat, Node.js, and Apache CouchDB. Furthermore, the JavaScript frameworks help develop mobile applications, desktop environments, and games. The purpose of using the best frameworks is to optimize any application development by reducing the repetition [...]
Event Browser Monitoring Using JS
Browser event refers to any action in the DOM elements, such as click, hover, drag, and many others. When an action occurs or a program’s state changes, it is said that an event has occurred. Types of Browser Events Following are the common browser event types: 1. Mouse Events These events include clicking an element (click), pressing or releasing the mouse button over some element (mouse up/ mouse down), moving the mouse cursor over an [...]
DOM with JS
What is DOM? The terminology DOM represents the Document Object Model of a page. The World Wide Web Consortium separates DOM into three parts: HTML DOM is the standard model for HTML documents. XML DOM is the standard model for XML documents. Core DOM is the standard model for all document types. The browser helps create a DOM of a web page when it loads. DOM considers every HTML tag and the text inside it [...]
Interaction using Alert, Prompt, and Confirm using JS
JavaScript and User Interaction JavaScript is one of the well-known programming languages. Developers mainly use JS in Web browsers to create an interactive and dynamic environment. This interaction helps enhance the user experience, and the end-users feel involved in the whole process. Therefore, most of modern technology’s essential functions and applications implement JavaScript to boost user interaction. User Interaction Functions JavaScript provides the developers with the opportunity to engage with the users effectively. It provides [...]
Error Handling using Try/Catch in JS
Error Handling in Javascript Error handling is the technique by which users avoid errors or exceptions to disrupt the program’s flow during the run-time. Mainly, these errors result at the end of the program's execution or crash while doing critical work. Therefore, the users get the “program crashed” notification while running the program. Javascript is a loosely coupled programming language, and most of the errors occur during run-time instead of compile time. For instance, the [...]
Concept of Garbage Collection in JS
In programming languages, garbage collection is a crucial concept dealing with automatic memory management. The programming languages which enable garbage collection provide developers with various garbage collecting engines. These engines work efficiently to clean the memory space. A garbage collection engine looks for the objects that are no longer under the use of the program. The engine deletes or removes these objects to utilize memory and resources efficiently. Types of Garbage Collectors Garbage Collection in [...]
Concept of Asynchronous Programming in JS
What is Asynchronous Programming in JS? Asynchronous programming is the act of performing specific tasks at a particular time, and these are often referred to as operations. Programmers should ensure that processes get finished and eventually have their work done within a specific time. Ways to Achieve Asynchronous Programming There are many ways to achieve asynchronous programming in programming, like using flag variables, semaphores, UNIX signals, etc... Still, one of the essential concepts used to [...]
IIFE (Immediately Invoked Function Expressions) in JS
Today we are going to talk about something that doesn't get talked about enough in JS, and that's IIFE (Immediately invoked function expressions) and the fact that they are a great way to save code and make your code cleaner. What makes life so special? For starters, they assist you in keeping your code clean and organized. When you have a lot of code, it can be difficult to keep track of what goes where. [...]
Closure Functions in JS
Closure functions are simply a function within a function. It's a bit of a mouthful, but closures allow you to write neat and robust code. There are numerous applications for them. For example, you can use them in your loops to get the current index, as shown below. With this, we can make a map function that returns an array. Loops are a fundamental part of programming, and often you'll need to use the same [...]
Web Scraping Using Cheerio.Js
Web scraping refers to a process of data extraction from a website. Users can manually perform web scraping to identify crucial information but a better and faster way is to use bots for extracting valuable content from the websites. Websites contain company contacts, stock prices, product details, and other useful data. Another exciting thing about web scraping is that it can provide underlying HTML code and database content to replicate the information anywhere the user [...]