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Discover the List of 45 JavaScript Commands in 2020
As the most common programming language, it is imperative that programmers and developers understand JavaScript code and JS commands. Developers with mastery over JavaScript code are the most valuable to employers. If you are new to web development and programming language, you will want to familiarize yourself with the JavaScript commands list. In learning JavaScript, it is essential that you learn about the best JS commands because this will allow you to craft JavaScript code [...]
RPA vs JavaScript Programming
The technology world is full of surprises. Of course, we all understand that remodeling a business composition isn’t always worthwhile. It needs a lot of improvement and a lot of investment (time and money). You may not have the leisure to develop from the ground up. That’s when computer science enters with amazing tools like RPA or programming benefits like a JavaScript. Let’s take a look at the difference between RPA and JavaScript. What is [...]
Why Technical SEO is Important: JS and CSS for Website Optimization
Ah, SEO. Being ranked high in search engines' results is important for many website authors as - if SEO is done right - search engines generally drive visitors interested about your content to your website. But people think that SEO is only related to how you manage your content and which keywords you put on your pages. In reality, SEO is really broader than that. Don't forget that search engines are powered by bots - [...]
Vue.js vs ReactJS Head to Head: A Vue.js Tutorial
What is Vue.js and how is Vue.js framework distinguished from other popular JavaScript frameworks and libraries? To begin, Vue.js tools have different applications which strictly speaking are not ReactJS alternatives. Vue.j supports developer templates whereas ReactJS does not. Vue.js vs ReactJS performance metrics are similar for speed, but faster development leans toward Vue.js. In this Bytescout Vue.js for developers tour, we will explore essential Vue.js components, and more specifically Vue.js UI components, and we will [...]
TOP-10 Node.JS Examples for Developers in 2020
What is Node.js exactly, and what is Node.js used for? These are the essential questions we will answer here. Essentially, Node.js enables developers to build server apps in JavaScript. Projects in Node.js today commonly include: Web Application framework Messaging middleware Servers for online gaming REST APIs and Backend Static file server Node.js app development is wildly popular. Projects built with Node.js plus a combination of front-end developer tools are faster than similar PHP apps because [...]
Ultimate AngularJS Guide For Coding SPAs
Let’s start with a clear definition of a “single page application.” An SPA is a web application which is contained in a single HTML page that contains all scripts and resources required, and thus provides a user experience similar to a desktop app. Ideally, SPA loads all HTML, CSS, images, and required scripts such that all resources are dynamically available, and so that the page need not reload nor transfer control to another page. To [...]
Professional JavaScript 2018: New Frontiers & Strict Standards
New standard methods of JavaScript development are at hand and demand our attention because of their potential for voluminous deployment across millions of important websites today. The new ECMAScript 2017 defines world changing optimizations which we can deploy to greatly improve performance. JavaScript’s extensibility recently appears boundless. Frameworks such as AngularJS have reshaped JavaScript development with truly dynamic SPAs. Libraries like JQuery are now so prolific and commonly used that JQuery appears alongside JavaScript as [...]
Learn More About Different Async Patterns in JS
Background: what’s async, at the start? Async programming has been made popular because of JavaScript, but it exists in fact in many languages. In pure theory, you can even do async programming in C if you feel really adventurous. But first, what’s async programming? Well, it’s a way to deal with operations that can take time. Opening a file, doing a network request, wait for an input from the user, all of these operations take [...]
All You Need to Know About Modular CSS Integration with React.JS
CSS modules allow you as a programmer to write CSS with class and animation names that are scoped locally by default, in much the same way as you would write functions and use variables in Javascript. Over the next few months we’ll be looking at some specific usage cases for Modular CSS, specifically with React.JS; this week, we’re introducing the topic. Why Use Modular CSS for React.JS? With conventional CSS, we declare a class globally [...]
4 Key Skills You Need to Know in JavaScript
JavaScript is one of the most important web development languages used today. It lets you add a wide range of functional features to your websites, from the most basic to the most advanced. So, whether you’re an expert developer or just a beginner starting off, there are certain key JavaScript techniques you need to know to become successful. Here are four: Asynchronous Programming: Most developers write JavaScript code synchronously, which means that when executing a [...]