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MySQL Server History and Advantages
MySQL server is one of the most widely used relational database management systems. It is estimated that over 100 million copies of MySQL server have been downloaded worldwide by individuals, corporate companies and small scale organizations. MySQL is an open-source and freeware database server that provides numerous advanced database functionalities. Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Nokia, Wikipedia, and several famous organizations have employed MySQL for data processing. Here's the content of the article: MySQL Server History MySQL [...]
Postgre SQL History and Advantages
Postgre SQL or simply called Postgres is a type of object-relational database server with open source user license. Postgres database server has evolved through more than 15 years of development and maintenance and is considered one of the most reliable databases with extensive focus on data reliability and correctness. PostgreSQL has the functionality and features that are attractive to developers. PostgreSQL has transaction processing functionality which maintains the integrity of a system with atomicity, consistency, [...]
MS SQL Server History and Advantages
Databases assist the business to access data quickly. In turn, you get more done in less time and further help your business run rapidly and efficiently. When it comes to business, keeping up with databases is complex. On a holistic level database is very difficult to comprehend. Whether it is to maintain, program, deploy, or, even manage the database.  Here's the content of the article: What is MS SQL Server MS SQL Server Interface MS [...]